Feature Friday - May 6, 2022


  • The billowing conch of the Aji now blows gas in a cone.
  • Mannequins can now be animated.
  • The thrown weapons category is now also expanded with grenades when you're choosing a weapon to throw.
  • In the Tomb of the Eaters when the Bell of Rest rings, you no longer occasionally get teleported to a space with a pit.
  • Improved the grammar of base item names that get appended to the descriptions of relics and named items. This won't affect existing items in saved games.
  • The nearby objects list now updates faster.
  • The nearby objects list and minimap are now masked while you're pressing Alt.
  • Open air no longer renders in magenta in the alt overlay.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed pulsed field magnets to pull cybernetic implants off your body.
  • Fixed a bug that let robots eat meals.
  • Fixed a bug that caused onboard recoilers to activate all the time when you had multiple of them implanted. If you want multiple onboard recoilers to work properly in current saved games, you have to uninstall and reinstall the implants.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Otherpearl not to grant psychic glimmer.
  • Fixed a bug where, during the water ritual, you could buy mutations you already had.
  • Fixed a bug that caused containers to appear empty when an item was taken out of them, regardless of their contents.
  • Fixed several bugs related to tho nearby objects list.

    • Fixed a bug that produced various name, description, and weight related errors throughout the game.
    • Fixed a bug where the "Show liquid pools" and "Show plants" options were sometimes ignored.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the nearby objects list to become unresponsive after loading a save.
    • Fixed a bug where objects gradually stopped rendering in the list as the game progressed.
    • Fixed a bug that showed invisible objects.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed you to continually disassemble the same item via the nearby objects list.

  • Fixed some murals referring to the player in the second person.
  • Fixed a bug that caused conversation options related to the Landing Pads quest to appear even if your tongue was missing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused legendary stat saps to have the type of stats they sapped removed from their names.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some key inputs to be doubled when using the prerelease input manager.
  • [modding] Did a lot more reorganization of the new object blueprint files.
  • [modding] The QueryItemList event now gives DefaultBehavior objects the opportunity to prevent usage of their body part via the event CanEquipOverDefaultBehavior. Parameters: Object - the object to be equipped; Subject - the object it is potentially to be equippped on; and Part - the BodyPart being examined. Returning false prevents the object from being equipped in that slot.


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For some reason I get random crashes whenever I encounter something (I don't even know what it is because the game crashes before I see it) in the deathlands, making the whole area unplayable. Hope it gets fixed soon.

I should probably mention that it happens both on the surface and underground, so it's probably some mob. What I know is that it's most likely not a problem with the Leering Stalkers because they work just fine.