Feature Friday - April 29, 2022


  • Skills learnable via the water ritual are now disambiguated when necessary. E.g., "Charging Strike" is displayed as "Charging Strike (Cudgel/Axe)".
  • Bilge sphincters can no longer be used to dupe liquids.
  • Puffing on hookahs without water in them no longer produces smoke.
  • Being in the path of a decarbonizer's charging molecular cannon now interrupts autoact and discomfits NPCs.
  • The Olive Face now has a proper trade value.
  • Elder Irudad and other humanoid apothecaries now spawn with walking sticks.
  • Quills can no longer be flung on the world map.
  • Mental mutations now affect psychic glimmer regardless of what source added them.
  • The bell of rest will no longer rarely drop you into a square with a pit.
  • Fixed some potential grammar issues in creature and item descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug that made anomaly fumigators refuse to toggle off.
  • Fixed a bug that caused psychic meridian to not appear in dynamic encounters.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the achievement "Jeweled Dusk" to not unlock when permadeath was disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused psychic meridians to be excluded from dynamic encounters.
  • Fixed the display name of an iron gate in the Yd Freehold.
  • [modding] ObjectBlueprints.xml has been split into multiple XML files. They're all located in the StreamingAssets/Base/ObjectBlueprints folder. We also did some reorganization of object blueprints inside those files.


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