Feature Friday - March 12, 2022


  • When you are flying, force attack and automatic attack commands now use swoop if it seems productive for them to do so.
  • Damage from Sunder Mind, Syphon Vim, poison, bleeding, and various other appropriate sources can no longer be prevented by, and no longer triggers, teleportation-based defensive mechanisms.
  • When villages have water as their signature liquid, this no longer overrides non-water preferences for the liquid used in the water ritual.
  • Village quests to find the location of objects within a zone, such as dromad traders, will no longer instantly complete upon entering their zone.
  • It is no longer possible to start a conversation with any body currently dormant through use of Domination.
  • Entering the trade screen with sentient containers by attempting to open them now respects conditions that should prevent that.
  • Butchering severed body parts that are butcherable because of the cybernetics they contain now respects the body part being marked important in the same way that it is respected for items that are butcherable for other reasons.
  • Most pathfinding is now actively unwilling to path over known yonderbrush locations, rather than merely being very reluctant.
  • Unbound keys now pass through to underlying screens when using the prerelase input manager, which means most hotkey lists and unbound key commands will work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where old keybindings would still exist even when seemingly overwritten when using the legacy input manager.
  • Fixed a bug that made crypt sitters aggressive when they should have been neutral and neutral when they should have been aggressive.
  • Fixed a typo when making small talk with a temporal fugue clone.
  • Fixed a bug that caused invisible creatures to be highlighted in red when picking a target.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a small sphere of negative weight hovering in open air to fail to fall when EMPed or otherwise disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused going prone to fail to charge any action cost.
  • Fixed a bug that made creatures fail to get out of the way of oncoming krakens.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Cudgel Proficiency skill to apply its +2 hit bonus to short blades instead of cudgels.
  • [modding] The character sheet now uses the display name of your character's genotype and subtype.


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