Feature Friday - March 4, 2022


  • Wings and functional flight equipment now provide their overland travel bonuses regardless of whether you enable flight (you are presumed to always be flying in overland travel if you are able to).
  • Relics with the ability to dismember now decapitate independently of the wielder's Decapitate skill, similarly to serrated weapons, with twice the chance to do so that serrated weapons have.
  • Grenades can no longer be detonated on the world map.
  • Large boulders now render above doors.
  • Fixed an issue with the gamepad ability selection not activating some abilities properly, such as sprint.
  • Fixed a snippet of dialog with Indrix that indicated the wrong direction to travel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to be unable to report Eskhind's death to Neelahind or Hindriarch Keh.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to loot multiple [redacted] if you managed to move them into the same zone.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Trailblazer and Wilderness Lore to have twice the effect on travel speed they were meant to.
  • Fixed some cases where lots of furniture would end up stacked in a single cell.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause halls in some areas to be blocked by statues and boulders in a way that would block off access to stairs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the stairs to the liminal way to sometimes be encased in walls.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs in villages to spawn in unreachable voids.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a variety of rare strange behavior, such as swimming through dirt paths.
  • Fixed an issue with double articles in the names of some historic sites generated in some terrains.
  • [modding] GameObject.Explode() can now take an optional argument List<GameObject> Hit that will be used as the tracking list for what objects the explosion has affected.
  • [modding] The 'placeobjecttest' wish is now more robust when wishing for invalid blueprints.


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