Feature Friday - February 11, 2022

203.14 - 'beta' branch

  • We made a bunch of changes to starting equipment.
    • All castes and callings now start with at least 3-4 witchwood bark. Correspondingly, starting village apothecaries now stock only a token amount witchwood bark.
    • Reduced the number of starting torches to a more reasonable amount.
    • All starting food -- crusty loaf, food cube, Ekuemekiyyen greens, and salthopper chips -- can now be cooked with. Smoldered mushrooms still preserve into pickled mushrooms.
    • Made a bunch of tweaks to true kin starting gear. As a result, they now start with more tonics than they had been in the beta, but not as many as they were capable of starting with on mainline.
    • Scholars now have a chance to start with a couple books.
    • Pilgrims now start with at least one book and a wineskin.
    • Apostles now start with a honeyskin.
    • Consuls now start with a wineskin.
    • Watervine farmers now start with some random ingredients and a cookbook.
    • Arconauts now start with some canned Have-It-All instead of mystery meat.
    • Fuming God Child's ash-stained robes now grant +1 AV.
    • Greybeards now start with furs and a short bow.
    • Horticulturists and Priests of All Suns now start with a short bow.
    • Priests of All Moons now start with a compound bow.
    • Castes and callings that start with missile weapons now have more ammo.

  • Witchwood bark now heals a slightly reduced amount.
  • Witchwood bark now heals over three turns in descending amounts (12-14 on turn 1, 6-7 on turn 2, 3 on turn 3).
  • Witchwood bark is now classified as a med instead of food.
  • Gave witchwood bark a new description.
  • The world now properly generates all historic sites that, according to gospels and quests, contain relics. This means that occasionally some extra historic sites are now generated.
  • Warden Une is now officially true kin and can install cybernetic implants.
  • Added iron gates.
  • Replaced some doors with gates in zone generation where appropriate.
  • Slightly reduced the chest chances in goatfolk haunts.
  • Increased the item tier of liquid-cells and nuclear cell.
  • Improved the quality of random cave encounters.
  • Improved the quality of ruin generation.
  • Tweaked some artifact and junk population tables.
  • Historic sites no longer have erroneous "unknown"s in their descriptions.
  • Fixed some cooking text errors while cooking in the deathlands.
  • You can now ask Pax Klanq to puff on you again if you lose your Klanq infection prior to finishing the quest to spread it.
  • Broadened the conditions for getting the Red Rock Hazing Ritual achievement.
  • Argyve no longer takes wire beyond the 200' requested for "Weirdwire Conduit... Eureka!".
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Puff Spores ability to persist permanently if the Klanq infected limb was dismembered.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Grit Gate communications panel to disable trading permanently.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Otho not to admit you to Grit Gate if your level was too high when returning from "More Than a Willing Spirit".
  • Fixed a bug that caused Neelahind to end the conversation if, during "Kith and Kin", you accused a kendren in prosperous circumstances without having finished "Love and Fear".
  • Fixed a bug that caused the dialogue of Bey Lah's residents to not immediately update after "Kith and Kin".
  • Fixed a bug that caused the quest "Weirdwire Conduit... Eureka!" to complete at 20' of wire, rather than 200'.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Argyve not to take the wire when completing "Weirdwire Conduit... Eureka!".
  • Fixed an exception when a liquid fell through a pit.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented flying up through the rust wells if the above zones were inactive.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a FlyingWhitelistArea object to appear in the nearby objects window.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hotkeys to not work in the classic conversation UI.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from getting the [redacted]'s journal secret after speaking with them.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to swipe and lunge on the world map using a long sword.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the text for buying additional tinkering recipes in the water ritual to not update until revisited.
  • Fixed a bug that let you trade non-gossips secrets as gossip.
  • Fixed a bug that caused part of the upper Tomb of Eaters not to be flagged as an interior space.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the main quest to skip ahead to "The Earl of Omonporch" if Asphodel died early.
  • Fixed a bug that caused objects that were immobile for any reason to become immune to the effects of time dilation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused one of the four children of the Tomb to occasionally not spawn.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 'A' hotkey for the old ASCII editor to crash the game if pressed on the main menu.
  • [modding] Added the IfTime , IfLedBy , and IfZoneName  conversation predicates.


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