Feature Friday - February 4, 2022

203.12 - 'beta' branch

  • We gave Red Rock a big makeover. It's now much more cavern-like, includes unique encounters, and is home to a snapjaw settlement.
  • We added a rare chance for power grid, hydraulic, and mechanical infrastructure to appear in various sites.

    • Possible sites include ruin worldmap tiles (extending 30 strata down), baroque ruin worldmap tiles (also extending 30 strata down), unnamed ruins found in the jungle or deep jungle, Bethesda Susa, and some villages.
    • Infrastructure and the equipment it powers will be found in various states of disrepair.
    • Infrastructure equipment may or may not have a use.
    • Added -- or made dynamically generatable -- some new furniture of varying technological sophistication.
    • Removed metal and plastic hydraulic pipes.

  • If you have Tinker I, you can now deploy wire.

    • 1" of wire extends across one tile.
    • You can deploy up to 10' at a time.
    • Deployed wire can be used to connect components across a working power grid.
    • Wire objects now merge into a single coil that weight 1lb per 25'.

  • We revamped ruin generation and population in several sites.

    • Sites include ruin worldmap tiles (extending 30 strata down), baroque ruin worldmap tiles (also extending 30 strata down), unnamed ruins found in the jungle of deep jungle, and some named ruins.
    • Revamped ruined structures tend to be a little more complex than they were previously.
    • Ruin creature and loot population is much improved.
    • Baroque ruins now use a consistent wall type across the parasang and down the ruin column.

  • Made a bunch of population adjustments to the deep jungle.
  • Adjusted the tier of Bethesda Susa and Asphalt Mines subterranean levels.
  • Increased the chance for 50' strands of wire to appear on the surface of the rust wells.
  • Previously chosen conversation options are now more consistently recolored.
  • Shale that is adjacent to large pools of water now has its tile detail color altered to indicate vine growth.
  • Changed dreadroot's tile color.
  • [debug] Added a new debug option, ""Draw zone semantics", that indicates the inside/outside areas of zones using the newest ruins builder.
  • [modding] We revamped the conversation system to be much more dynamic and moddable.

    • See the wiki for full details.
    • Conversations now merge their contents together by default.
    • Conversations and elements can now inherit their properties from one or multiple elements.
    • Conversations and elements can now have custom logic defined with C# parts.
    • Custom predicates and actions like IfHaveQuest  or GiveItem  can be added for use in XML.
    • Elements can now be distributed to other elements. For example, a choice can be distributed to every start node within the conversation.
    • Nodes and choices can now have multiple text elements.
    • Any element can now have predicates, including individual text elements.
    • The logic for the water ritual and dialogue-heavy quests such as "Landing Pads" has moved into Conversations.xml.

  • [modding] Added extensive semantic tagging to several objects for power grid, hydraulic, and mechanical infrastructure.


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Deployable wire! I'm psyched about this, looking forward to being able to fix Certain Places up after Certain Things happen.

Nice to see that Red Rock got brushed up on, too :O
Is the tunnel still the same?