Feature Friday - January 7, 2022

203.4 - 'beta' branch

  • Added new items: ogre fur hat, ogre fur gloves, and ogre fur cloak.
  • You can now butcher ape fur hats and ape fur gloves from albino ape corpses. The descriptions of these items were changed to make this more sensible.
  • Relic melee weapons are now sometimes two-handed.
  • Historic sites are now built from a more sensible set of wall types, which includes gilded marble from the appropriate sultanate period.
  • Removed short swords from the game because their stats were extraneous and identical to daggers. If they do come back, they'll likely be revamped.
  • Added new descriptions for low and mid tier daggers, cudgels, axes, and swords.
  • Cloneling clones now count toward the achievements "Me, Myself, and I" and "Clonal Colony".
  • Fixed a bug that caused the achievement for traveling to the Six Day Stilt not to unlock if you had accepted the quest O Glorious Shekhinah!
  • Fixed a bug that caused the razed goatfolk village to fail to build.
  • Fixed a bug that caused read books to count multiple times for achievements.
  • [debug] Added an option to disable achievement progress (Debug > disable achievements).


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Version Jan 08, 2022
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Version Jan 08, 2022
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Version Jan 08, 2022

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