The Deep Jungle beta is here

Our Deep Jungle feature arc is now in beta. If you're interested, come help us test! We'd appreciate if you logged issues you find at our public issue tracker. Kindly include [beta] in the bug title.

Live and drink, friends.



  • We added two minor late-game regions, the deep jungle and baroque ruins.
    • Made significant changes to the worldmap to accommodate the new regions.
    • Added new creatures: deep slumberling, purple jell, trash abbot, and goatfolk qlippoth.
    • Added new flora: nachash tree and nimbus beam.
    • Added rare urberry bushes.


  • We added historic sites for the period 1, 2, and 3 sultans. The number of historic sites per game now follows this pattern:
    • Period 5 sultan: 2 sites
    • Period 4 sultan: 2 sites
    • Period 3 sultan: 2 sites
    • Period 2 sultan: 1 site
    • Period 1 sultan: 1 site
  • We made mid and late-game historic sites have fewer levels. They now max out at around depth 7.
  • More changes to historic site population are likely to come.


  • Added 48 new achievements.
    • Mechanimist Reformer; Aaaaaaaaargh!; Feast Upon the Goat Hearts! *cheers*; Rocket Bear; Two Cats Are Better Than One; Me, Myself, and I; Clonal Colony; The Woe of Apes; Close the Loop; Tourist; Sight Older Than Sight; What Are Directions on a Space That Cannot Be Ordered?; Star-Eye Esper; The Quasar Mind; There Can Be Only One; Glimmer of Truth; Sultan of Salt; Absolute Unit; Non-Locally Sourced;
      Surprise!; From Thyn Heres Shaken the Wet and Olde Lif; All Those Who Wander; The Recitation of the Drowning of Eudoxia by the Witches of Moonhearth; A Clammy Reception; What's Eating the Watervine?; Byevalve; You Recame; Dayenu; Belong, Friends; Token of Gratitude; The Laws of Physics Are Mere Suggestions, Vol. 2; Aetalag; I-; *gulp*; Jeweled Dusk; The Narrowing Sky; Dawnglider; Was It Something I Said?; Lottery Winner; The Psychal Chorus; Become as Gods; Live and Ink; tsk tsk; Raisins in the Layer Cake;
      May the Ground Shake But the Six Day Stilt Never Tumble; Red Rock Hazing Ritual; Mumblecore; Open Your Mind


  • The Rust Wells have been entirely revamped. The dungeons are now based on fulcrete wells that are dug into the earth.
  • Added a mechanism to allow flight in strata beneath the surface when there is sufficient open sky above you.


  • If you have the Hooks for Feet defect, your dismembered hooks now regrow.
  • We reduced the defensive buffs from cooking with the preserved gland paste of the various bearded lizards.
    • Sleetbeard gland paste and concentrated sleetbeard gland paste now bestow +10 and +20 cold resist, respectively, instead of +100.
    • Flamebeard gland paste and concentrated flamebeard gland paste now bestow +10 and +20 heat resist, respectively, instead of +100.
    • Tartbeard gland paste and concentrated tartbeard gland paste now bestow +10 and +20 acid resist, respectively, instead of +100.
    • The gland paste and concentrated gland paste of nullbeards, gallbeards, dreambeards, stunbeards, and maze beards no longer offer any defensive bonuses.
  • Made a small adjustment to the creature tier calculation.


  • We're in the process of refactoring our systems for populating maps and creature inventories. Creature and equipment distributions may have changed somewhat (but not drastically).
  • Humanoid creatures, particularly snapjaws and goatfolk, now rarely spawn with a wider range of equipment.
  • Snapjaw scavengers now occasionally spawn without equipment.


  • We're in the process of retiring encounter tables in favor of population tables. This may affect mods.
  • Creatures that were previously equipped via encounter table equipment builders are now implemented as multiple creature objects with the AggregateWith tag (ex: Snapjaw Scavenger).

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