Feature Friday - December 17, 2021


  • Equipment with power switches, such as ontological anchors, night-vision goggles, and ninefold boots, now grasts you an activated ability for toggling their power.
  • Creatures that are immune to being damaged are now also immune to being dismembered.
  • Jewelers and gemcutters now have guards.
  • Corrected resonance grenade damage to non-structural objects in the grenade description.
  • Frog cherubim now correctly belong to the frogs faction.
  • Regeneration tanks now tolerate impure convalessence mixtures as long as they contain at leats 100 drams and the mixture is at least two-thirds convalessence. Regen tanks in existing saved games won't be affected, though.
  • Regen tanks now properly regenerate tongues even when they're the only body part you lost.
  • Creatures no longer attempt to use Disintegration against enemies they are out of phase with.
  • Gave the [redacted] sapient plant properties.
  • You can no longer [redacted] before starting the Tomb of the Eaters quest.
  • Added the arcology names back to the true kin caste selection screen.
  • Cooking effects that identify all artifacts on the local map now identify implanted cybernetics.
  • Fixed a bug that caused variables to occasionally display in the names of village factions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hologram bracelets to have infinite range.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused invalid text to be generated after leaving a zone with an object you were lovesick for.
  • Fixed a bug with temporal fugue clones and other temporary objects that prevented zones from unloading, degrading performance.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused out-of-date copies of your body or your followers to return from [redacted].
  • Made the text color consistent across hyperbiotic object names.
  • Fixed a wrong identation in Corpus Choliys.
  • Fixed a bug that made sower's seeds considered inorganic and eligible for donation at the sacred well.
  • Fixed the pluralization of 'moments in time chosen arbitrarily'.
  • Fixed a pluralization issue in dynamic quest text.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused saves to fail to load.
  • Fixed a bug that caused your [redacted] to fail to generate properly.
  • [modding] Made the 'sheeter' wish more robust.



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