Feature Friday - December 10, 2021


  • Robots and mutated plants can now be stunned.
  • Baetyl, hermit, and mysterious stranger cherubim now belong to the correct factions.
  • Pax Klanq is now immune to fungal infections.
  • Dynamic quests no longer use player map notes as landmarks.
  • White esh now honk instead of caaw.
  • Meyehind and Liihart now rejoin the hindren faction if Eskhind becomes Hindriarch.
  • Wardens Esthers, Lulihart, and Tszappur now more consistently get along.
  • Argyve no longer offers to sell his scratched data disk, and Q Girl no longer offers to sell her data disk with encoded instructions.
  • Made some tweaks to low-tier melee relic base types.
  • Fixed pluralization of 'boot' in sultan histories.
  • Fixed a bug that caused excessive CPU use in cybernetics terminals.
  • Fixed a bug that caused rhinoxen to get a number of free melee attacks on their targets when charging.
  • Fixed a bug where if a rhinox's charge killed a creature, a copy of that creature's corpse was spawned in each tile of the charge path.
  • Fixed a bug that caused extremely odd names to get generated for sultan cults and sultan relics.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused ovens to do nothing.
  • Fixed several rare exceptions in the display of cooking recipies.
  • Fixed a typo in arc winder's description.


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