Feature Friday - October 16, 201

202.88 - 'beta' branch

  • Added new descriptions for the following objects: starmchair, sofa, multicabinet, chalkboard, marble steps, glass hydraulic pipes in the Yd Freehold, and fulcrete with square wave.
  • Thermo casks are now considered artifacts.
  • Night-sight interpolators now have a trade value.
  • Svardym storms now last longer and eggs drop a bit less frequently.
  • Lithofex gaze is now more visible in the reef.
  • Crab cherubim and mechanical crab cherubim now have claws.
  • Clarified that precision nanon fingers' 3X boost to crit chance applies only to base crit chance.
  • Clarified that the fitted with filters mod only protects against harmful gases if you're breathing them.
  • Creatures now render over clams.
  • Clarified in the description of giant hands that it applies to all weapon types.
  • Clarified in the description of Akimbo that it applies to all missile weapon types.
  • The glass pipes in the Yd Freehold are now lacquered.
  • Greatly improved performance when a large party of creatures is on screen.
  • Swapped the tiles for Teleportation and Teleport Other.
  • Minorly improved input performance.
  • Minorly improved erformance when transitioning to or traveling on the world map.
  • Fixed a bug in the alt overlay that revealed the tile of unidentified artifacts and disguised creatures.
  • Fixed a bug in the alt overlay with the Yd Freehold's appearance.
  • Fixed an bug that caused crashes during zone builds.
  • Fixed a bug that caused empty "pool" objects to appear in zones.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to be unable to speak with Otho if he was selected for the resolution of the Landing Pads quest.
  • Fixed several issues with variant selection on the Choose Mutations screen.
  • Fixed a text error in slynth settler's dialogue.
  • Fixed a typo in Mental Mirror's description.
  • Fixed a typo in trining lamprey's description.
  • Fixed a rare crash when transitioning to [redacted].


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Version Oct 16, 2021
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Version Oct 16, 2021
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Version Oct 16, 2021

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