Feature Friday - October 9, 2021

202.85 - 'beta' branch

  • The new quest Landing Pads is now fully implemented start to finish.
  • Added a new music track for Rainbow Wood, Lake Hinnom, and Palladium Reef.
  • Fixed a major OSX hang on startup.
  • Character generation screens now have hotkeys.
  • Added arsplice hyphae to the subterranean reef.
  • Added a new description, name color, and eat message for arsplice seed.
  • Reduced the damage on-high voltage arc winder and the overloaded variants of both arc winder and high-voltage arc winder.
  • Added new dialogue for gutsmongers.
  • Added a new description for star orchid marble.
  • Electrobow has a tile again.
  • The Esper morphotype now has the right icon in the character creation UI.
  • Turrets mounting blood-gradient hand vacuums are now called blood-gradient vacuum turrets.
  • Baetyls no longer request nanon-modded items.


cavesofqud-windows-beta.zip 334 MB
Version Oct 09, 2021
cavesofqud-osx-beta.zip 335 MB
Version Oct 09, 2021
cavesofqud-linux-beta.zip 351 MB
Version Oct 09, 2021

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