Feature Friday - October 1, 2021

203.83 - 'beta' branch

  • Added all new tiles for most missile weapons.
  • Added new items: kaleidocera cape, kaleidocera muffs, kaleidocera krakows, enigma cone, and enigma cap.
  • Added a new book: The Murmurs' Prayer.
  • Added new descriptions for the following items: night-sight interpolaters, tri-hologram bracelet, slip ring, precision nanon fingers, step sowers, 3D cobblers, gas tumbler, chiral rings, eigenrifle, eigenpistol, light rail, hand rail, spaser rifle, spaser pistol, space inverter, arc winder, high-voltage arc winder, psychal fleshgun, di-thermo beam, and sharpened polyp.
  • Added new descriptions for the following creatures: slynth residents and wanderers, all the wild svardym, Geeub, Krka, Tillifergaewicz, Rokhas, and Warden Une.
  • Added new descriptions for the following terrain objects: coral polyp, palladium strut, coral and palladium strut, swollen bulb, and coral pit.
  • Build Library is now functional.
  • You now autosave when you reach a checkpoint in Roleplay and Wander modes.
  • Gorged growths who are members of settlements no longer crumble apart.
  • Farmed bop sponges are no longer always ripe.
  • Generated villages now have accurate descriptions on the world map.
  • Night-sight interpolators now work like other kinds of night vision for the purpose of perceiving [redacted].
  • Using the sit interaction on a chair that's in your inventory now places the chair on the ground and sits on it, rather than silently failing.
  • Recycling suits can no longer (uselessly) get the recycling mod.
  • Added a popup confirmation for targeting yourself with a geomagnetic disc.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Regeneration to regrow your tongue while you were still affected by glotrot.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ubernostrum tonics to remove glotrot without the cure.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Light Manipulation's lase ability to fail when targeting a creature with mental mirror.
  • Fixed a perfomance issue caused aquatic or wall-walking creatures in your party trying to pathfind to you.
  • Fixed a grammar error in some messages when companions were swallowed whole.
  • Fixed conversation choices getting resorting when you revisited a node.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Golgotha and Bethesda Susa to not build properly.
  • [pets] Fixed a bug that caused You, but Mechanical not to inherit your anatomy.


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Version Oct 02, 2021
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Version Oct 02, 2021
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Version Oct 02, 2021

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