Feature Friday - September 17, 2021


  • Added a new kind of fauna: bop sponge.
  • Added new butcherable and harvestable consumables: bop cheek and tongue twist.
  • Added three new cooking effect domains: rubber-based, powerful rubber-based, and tongue-based.
  • Added three new ingredients: congealed rubbergum, sliced bop cheek, and fermented tongue.
  • The Yd Freehold now has a signature dish: Tongue and Cheek.
  • Svardym no longer rain down on the Yd Freehold.
  • Added a prerelease input manager binding for "move to point of interest".
  • Added new descriptions for the following creatures: twinning lamprey, trining lamprey, reef hermit, junk dollar, enigma snail, and plasma jelly.
  • Having the equipment rack cybernetic implant no longer prevents you from receiving a certain achievement.
  • You no longer receive a certain achievement earlier than is appropriate just by being repeatedly dismembered.
  • Billowing conch of the Aji can no longer produce plasma.
  • You can no longer use the following items and abilities on the worldmap: hologram bracelet, Force Wall, Light Manipulation, Time Dilation, gas generation, and Spinnerets.
  • Generated villages now interact more robustly with their surrounding terrain.
  • The trip back from [redacted] now works more consistently.
  • Fixed an error when a creature with no back grew wings.
  • Fixed the worldmap tip displaying too soon (during world generation).
  • Fixed incorrect pronouns in the description of sultan crocs.
  • Fixed a zonegen error in the Yd Freehold.
  • Fixed a rare exception that prevented the ability manager from opening.
  • Fixed an issue causing "BoxColliders does not support negative scale or size." spam in the message log.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent [redacted] from carving murals if interruped by a serialization cycle.
  • [modding] Fixed populations being replaced instead of merged.


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Version Sep 18, 2021
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Version Sep 18, 2021
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Version Sep 18, 2021

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