Feature Friday - June 12, 2021


  • You can now disassemble HE Missiles. The chance of recovering any given bit from dissassembly of a missile is very low, since multiple missiles are created per batch. (Note: This won't affect missiles already generated in saved games.)
  • Crocs are now good swimmers.
  • Phase shift grenades are now capable of shifting out-of-phase things to in-phase, in addition to their existing behavior of shifting in-phase things to out-of-phase. They continue to only shift the phase of things they are phase-interactive with.
  • Decarbonizers' molecular cannons can now be shut down by more conditions, such as being EMPed.
  • Decarbonizers can now fire through obstacles that missiles can normally pass through.
  • Added new dialogue for tinkers, gemcutters, and jewelers.
  • If you have the option to confirm before moving into dangerous liquids enabled, and autoact would take you into a pool of dangerous liquid, you are now asked via popup whether you wish to move there, and autoact is cancelled if you disconfirm.
  • Simplified the signoff for several merchants.
  • You can now eat gross food such as corpses without being famished if you have Mind over Body.
  • Tattoo guns are no longer EMP sensitive.
  • Ichor merchants and kippers now actually sell the neutron flux phials they occasionally spawn with.
  • Using a Schrodinger page on a village faction from a hidden village now reveals the location of that village.
  • Mechanical wings can now have the following item mods: feathered, reinforced, scaled, and wooly.
  • You can no longer sleep in a bed that you are out of phase with.
  • You can no longer tinker recoilers to preset locations. This doesn't apply to random-point recoilers.
  • Lowered the item tier of Ezra and Six Day Stilt recoilers.
  • Using metamorphic polygel to duplicate a severed body part with a cybernetic implant in it now properly duplicates the implant as well.
  • Biological clones no longer have their coloration altered by the tattoos of their original creatures.
  • Temporal fugue clones, evil twins, and shadow duplicates now inherit the tattoo descriptions of their original creatures.
  • Items carried by temporal fugue clones, or that are otherwise temporary in nature, can no longer be butchered or harvested.
  • If you complete the Earl of Omonporch quest by leveraging your high reputation, you can no longr convene the Council of Omonporch.
  • Glass bottle descriptions now include cooking ingredient info for the liquids they contain.
  • Important villagers no longer occasionally spawn as malformed dual-named uniques.
  • Extradimensional cultists no longer occasionally spawn as malformed dual-named uniques.
  • These cherubim now belong to the right faction for their species: bat, cat, equine, grazing, mushroom, pottery, root, swine, tree, and urchin.
  • The targets of quests to interact with an object are now points of interest even if they can be taken, though they cease being points of interest if taken.
  • Young ivory and lurking beth attacks now generate floating text instead of a popup.
  • Fixed a bug that caused young ivory and lurking beth to destroy themselves when attacking.
  • Reduced the intensity of visual effects produced by the the morphogenetic item mod.
  • The vestigial 'village robot' no longer spawns.
  • Simplified some basic color patterns.
  • Corrected Sparafucile's ASL.
  • Night-vision goggles no longer consume charge on the world map.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some effects, such as phasing, to last indefinitely on inanimate objects.
  • Fixed a bug that caused grenades and thrown weapons to be auto-equipped improperly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the estimated weight of water for a trade to be inverted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused your turn to pass when cancelling a reload attempt of a cell-loaded weapon.
  • Fixed a bug that caused electrical discharges gained from cooking to count as free actions.
  • Fixed an issue causing the entire upper level of villages to fall to the ground below immediately upon entering the zone.
  • Fixed an issue causing dynamic encounters to sometimes be improperly overlapped with village outskirts, which caused a variety of issues in villages and dynamic encounters.
  • Fixed an issue causing some new-style popups to not properly respect key delay and repeat settings when keys were held down.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the hollow tree hideout in the flower fields to have encounters it shouldn't have.
  • Fixed an issue causing item duplication on return from [redacted].
  • Fixed a rare issue causing village build failures.
  • Fixed a rare exception.


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Version Jun 12, 2021

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