Feature Friday - May 21, 2021


  • Added the ability to direct companions to engage with enemies aggressively or only engage defensively. When only engaging defensively, your companion will not look for hostile targets to attack on its own initiative, only attacking targets in reaction to aggression against itself or another party member.
  • If you and your companion both have Trash Divining, you now receive any secrets they discover by rifling through trash.
  • The Lacquered item mod can now be applied to a wider range of items with hard surfaces and not just rustable metal items.
  • Cloaks are now eligible for more item mods.
  • Hookahs can now have common item mods like painted and engraved.
  • Basic toolkits are now a bit more valuable.
  • Extradimensional robots no longer leave behind non-extradimensional scrap when killed.
  • Extradimensional glittermensch no longer drop non-extradimensional gemstones when damaged.
  • Robots no longer leave behind ashes when killed by fire and lasers.
  • The Love and Fear quest now has an additional step, more dialogue, and can now be completed after Kith and Kin.
  • Neelahind now has her new dialog if you return Kindrish.
  • Severed body parts now use shorter versions of the names of the creatures they were severed from..
  • You can now swap positions with neutral, immobile creatures that have become mobile due to uplifted status (e.g., a turret that's a village warden).
  • The AV and DV values of equipment are no longer averaged across multiple Floating Nearby slots.
  • If you autoexplore while you have the capacity to dig, you now dig through walls to get to new locations rather than striking a wall once then stopping.
  • Clarified that Wings gives 300 reputation with birds and winged mammals, not 400.
  • Primordial soup sludges catalyzed by brain brine now spit dilute brain brine rather than the pure stuff.
  • Messages about damage you've dealt now only ignore visibility if you are adjacent to what's being damaged.
  • The Cybernetics tab of the Equipment screen now displays body parts using simpler language (e.g., "Hands" instead of "Worn on Hands").
  • Improved generated text for "living as a nomad" snippet.
  • Tweaked the stats of umber frock.
  • Point-defense drones no longer consume charge when traveling on the world map.
  • Added more safeguards against members of the same party deciding they should kill each other.
  • Made companions joining party leaders in other zones more reliably immediate.
  • Made companions joining party leaders able to overcome Stuck and Overburdened effects.
  • Fixed a sequence break where you could asked your dynamic starting village about the Barathrumites after you started More Than a Willing Spirit.
  • Fixed a bug that let you encode the psionic bits of an esper's psyche onto your own multiple times if you repeatedly dealt killing damage with one action.
  • Fixed a bug that caused creatures to stand still when their next step would take them over a hostile plant.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the position of the cursor to become unclear if you modded an item on the Tinkering screen with the last mod in the list.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to get equip failure messages when other creatures with complex equipment setups used temporal fugue.
  • Fixed a bug that made some mopango burrow through walls when they were not intended to.
  • Fixed a bug with gas-breathing mutations that caused their damage not to get attributed to the breather.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some items not to stack after they had been repaired.
  • Fixed a rare build error when a village was generated in a biome, such as slimy or tarry terrain.
  • Fixed a bug in village farm and garden placement.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hyperbiotic chairs owned by the Barathrumites to show up in Bethesda Susa.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hyperbiotic chairs owned by the Barathrumites to be treated as a different item type from other hyperbiotic chairs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hyperbiotic chairs owned by the Barathrumites to not be automatically identified when you were promoted to Journeyfriend.
  • Fixed unwanted asterisks appearing in tomb mural text.
  • Fixed a typo in the Wings mutation description.
  • Fixed a color issue in some dynamic quest dialog.
  • Fixed color bleeding in the names of Templar phylacteries.
  • Fixed a bug in Ereshkigal's dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that caused two versions of the [redacted] secret to exist.
  • Fixed a bug that caused various text-based indicators to be flipped on followers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Charge rendering to not respect flipped tiles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused flower fields creatures to spawn in Bey Lah.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some artifacts to retain their unidentified tile appearance after being identified.
  • Fixed a bug that caused [redacted] to be rendered inert when the player was blocked from entering.


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Version May 22, 2021
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Version May 22, 2021
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Version May 22, 2021

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