Feature Friday - May 7, 2021


  • Added two new tracks for the [redacted].
  • Improved creatures AI for movement and use of activated abilities. As a result, Companions are now less prone to inexplicable states of inactivity.
  • When joining their party leader in a new zone, creatures now enter the zone closer to the party leader.
  • Your own fungal spores no longer interrupt automovement.
  • Compute power now improves the performance of ganglionic teleprojectors.
  • Compute power now improves the range of electromagnetic sensors.
  • Smart use now triggers interaction on unsealed liquid containers like vases.
  • The fill interaction no longer appears on liquid pools.
  • Renamed goatfolk savage to goatfolk bully.
  • Warden 1-FF no longer generates as being hated by pariahs or the Daughters of Exile.
  • Yla Haj no longer generates as being hated by the villagers of Ezra, the Consortium of Phyta, or pariahs.
  • The currently selected item in the trade UI now displays the name and weight for a single item and not the entire stack.
  • Barathrumites now more consistently use your current guild rank in conversation.
  • Clones of molting basilisks now behave more like normal molting basilisks.
  • If you talk to Otho in person before using the communications panel after completing More Than a Willing Spirit, the Grit Gate doors that should open for you now do.
  • Fixed a bug that let you trade over long distances using telepathy.
  • Fixed a bug that caused brain brine to fail to give mental defects.
  • Fixed a bug that caused items meant to grant telepathy fail to do so.
  • Fixed a bug causing non-crossfaded music to not play properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused robots detected by an electromagnetic sensor implant to continue to be tracked after the implant was removed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some uppercase 'E' letters to disappear from weirdified text.

202.59 'beta' branch

  • We added new game modes.
    • Classic
      • This is the standard Qud experience with permadeath. Nothing has changed.
    • Roleplay
      • Checking pointing at settlements. When you die, you have the option to reload from the last checkpoint. Your checkpoint is automatically set whenever you enter or leave a settlement. You can also set your checkpoint manually while at a settlement by hitting Esc and then 'c'.
    • Wander
      • Checking pointing at settlements.
      • Your reputation with every faction starts at 0 (or higher), meaning most creatures start neutral to you. Aggressive creatures of neutral factions will still attack you.
      • You get no XP for kills.
      • You get more XP for discoveries, completing quests, and performing the water ritual. This amount scales with your level.
    • You can't change your game mode once you start a game.
    • You can now check your game mode, turn counter, and world seed in game by hitting Esc and selecting Game Info.
  • We reworded the debug options around disabling permadeath to make them clearer.


cavesofqud-windows-default.zip 342 MB
Version May 08, 2021
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Version May 08, 2021
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Version May 08, 2021
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Version May 08, 2021
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Version May 08, 2021
cavesofqud-linux-default.zip 353 MB
Version May 08, 2021

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