Feature Friday - April 30, 2021


  • Villagers now indicate direction when guiding you toward quest givers in the village.
  • Carapaces and quills now appear in creature descriptions as physical features.
  • True Kin who gain mutation points can now access mutation options in the character sheet.
  • Added new dialog to goatfolk.
  • Added a message for when you enter a holy place. This won't apply to existing saved games.
  • Newly sentient beings now properly offer to teach you to think like a child during the water ritual.
  • Individual animated artifacts are now always identified.
  • Grenades now detonate when damaged.
  • Force fields are now 100% resistant to heat, cold, and acid, and 50% resistant to electricity.
  • Stasis fields are now immune to damage.
  • Creatures now avoid activating Phasing if it's already active.
  • Creatures now use Phasing defensively.
  • Normality gas now damages highly entropic beings.
  • You can no longer ask the mopango about the repulsive device before speaking to Lebah about it.
  • Default [Scrap] objects no longer appear in the moango hideout.
  • For the Kith and Kin quest, you can no longer question Eskhind's sisters until you're deputized by Neelahind.
  • The death of clones and duplicates of NPCs critical to the Kith and Kin quest no longer forces the quest to fail.
  • Added a period to the end of fractus damage messages.
  • Improved the grammar in Berserk's remaining duration message.
  • Improved some grammar in the assessment after A Call to Arms.
  • When you [redacted], you are now more consistently treated according to your reputation.
  • The beginning of A Call to Arms now interrupts autoact.
  • Otho yelling for you now interrupts autoact.
  • Barathrumite repairs to Grit Gate after A Call to Arms now take place while you are traveling overland in addition to other forms of time passing.
  • When the Barathrumites repair destroyed doors and force projectors after A Call to Arms, they are now as accessible to the player as pre-existing versions would have been.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented things that were supposed to happen when a creature or item was destroyed from happening, which had an especial impact on the assessment after A Call to Arms.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Barathrumite crops from being registered as such during A Call to Arms.
  • Fixed a bug that made the eastern force projector of Grit Gate fail to be disabled at the beginning of A Call to Arms when there is an attack from the east.
  • Fixed a bug that made Barathrumite repairs to Grit Gate after A Call to Arms repair a maximum of one thing each time you visited Grit Gate after enough time had passed for repairs instead of a minimum of one thing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused power to continue passing through broken portions of power grids.
  • Fixed a bug that granted the Starry Demise achievement when creatures other than the player were crushed under the weight of a thousand suns.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Children of Mamon to request the wrong liquid while performing the water ritual.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dynamic factions with hyphens in their names to generate errors.
  • Fixed double punctuation in some melee combat messages.
  • Fixed the capitalization of names that start with a single character followed by a hyphen.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur under esoteric circumstances only known to be triggered by mods.
  • [modding] Legendary creature naming is now handled via Naming.xml.
  • [modding] Generation of gender names, person terms, immature person terms, formal address terms, offspring terms, sibling terms, and parent terms is now handled via name styles defined in Naming.xml, not via Genders.xml. Pronoun generation is still handled by Genders.xml.


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