Feature Friday - April 16, 2021


  • You can now talk to nests.
  • Holographic plants are no longer affected by defoliant.
  • Holograms can no longer be dismembered or decapitated.
  • Holograms can no longer be pushed around.
  • Baetyls are no longer vague about their requests for corpses.
  • Baboons are no longer frightened by blood-stained neck-rings unless you have them equipped.
  • Linear cannons can now be drum-loaded.
  • Clarified in Unstable Genome's description that you get one mutation per instance of Unstable Genome.
  • You can no longer use Menacing Stare on yourself unless you have two or more heads.
  • While digging, you no longer autoattack walls if they are considered owned by someone else.
  • Drum-loaded missile weapons that use multiple ammo per shot now round the increased ammo capacity to a multiple of the ammo used per shot. For example, drum-loaded carbines now hold 30 slugs and drum-loaded chainguns now hold 48 slugs.
  • You now can't use Proselytize in most of the same situations you can't talk to someone. For example, you can no longer proselytize someone who is asleep.
  • You can no longer pour liquids on flying creatures if you aren't flying.
  • You can no longer pour liquids on creatures that you aren't in phase with.
  • You can now see what's happening around you while resting.
  • Webs no longer "break", they just get destroyed.
  • The result of detonating a grenade by direct interaction now has your phase characteristics, the same as the result of throwing the grenade.
  • If defensive lunge results in hitting a wall, this no longer results in oddly repeated messages about it.
  • Making a campfire is no longer blocked by most things you could move through.
  • Yurl, Sixshrew, Asphodel, and the oddly-hued glowpad can now give directions.
  • The tinkering screen no longer case-sensitively sorts recipes beginning with capital letters to the start of the recipe list.
  • Pathfinding now avoids lava and acid more if you have equipment or inventory that may be affected by them, even if you are personally resistant to heat and acid, respectively.
  • Pathfinding now avoids the [redacted] in [redacted].
  • Elcatl no longer asks you to confirm harvesting it because of its importance.
  • Updated the game's copyright date.
  • Fixed a bug that caused creatures to frequently attack dreadroot.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Light Maniuplation charges not to be consumed if you used Lase but the beam was refracted or reflected.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the bonuses from Weathered to be retained indefinitely and to stack on top of each other when you gained the skill via a skillsoft implant.
  • Fixed a bug that caused liquids to pour through creatures and onto the ground without wetting them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused abilities and natural equipment from temporarily-granted mutations to remain after the mutation was gone.
  • Fixed a bug that caused buggy gray band visuals and spammed error messages when the visual effect of Time Dilation hit unexplored map tiles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused glowpad corpses to be colored red.
  • Fixed a bug that caused unidentified liquid containers to appear as cooking ingredients.
  • Fixed a bug when equipping or auto-equipping from outside your inventory where item stacks would be pulled into your inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some prospective evaluations of saving throw chances to be processed as if the save were actually taking place.
  • Fixed a bug that made waveform worms' attacks visible offscreen.
  • Fixed a bug causing multiple elevator platforms to stack up in a single square in Bethesda Susa.
  • Fixed most zone generation issues where solid things would spawn on stairs.
  • [modding] Fixed the position of the mod visibility selector in the Workshop Uploader.
  • [modding] Fixed binary serialized mod types not using their own type code.
  • [modding] Fixed a bug that caused AddMutation(Mutation, Level) to not set levels above 1 correctly for some mutations.
  • [modding] ModifyAttackingSave and ModifyDefendingSave events now have a Source field that tracks an "originating" GameObject for the save, such as a weapon or cloud of gas. These objects aren't considered to have the role of "attacker" if one is relevant. A new event, ModifyOriginatingSave, is now called on such objects as part of saving throw resolution.
  • [modding] There is now a CanTrade event that is dispatched to both parties in a conversation and can be used to revise whether trading is possible in the conversation.
  • [modding] ConsoleChar now has a SetDetail(Color color) method.
  • [modding] We tuned mod compilation and loading.
    • Compilation now continues even if a mod fails.
    • Mods that failed to compile now display a failed status in the Mod Manager.
    • Clicking on a failed mod now displays a truncated list of its errors and copys them to the clipboard.
    • Failed mods are now temporarily disabled and do not load their data, such as XML data, sounds, and textures.
    • All mods now get their own assembly and Harmony instance.
    • The keys (ID, Title) in configuration files, such as manifest.json, workshop.json, etc, are no longer case-sensitive.
    • Mods with duplicate IDs are no longer loaded. If there are duplicates, the mod in the local mod directory has preferred loading status.
    • Mod-enabled state and approval hashes are now persisted to ModSettings.json instead of separate modcheck-{ID}.json files, which could fail to write.


cavesofqud-windows-default.zip 342 MB
Version Apr 17, 2021
cavesofqud-windows-beta.zip 334 MB
Version Apr 17, 2021
cavesofqud-osx-beta.zip 335 MB
Version Apr 17, 2021
cavesofqud-linux-beta.zip 351 MB
Version Apr 17, 2021
cavesofqud-osx-default.zip 337 MB
Version Apr 17, 2021
cavesofqud-linux-default.zip 353 MB
Version Apr 17, 2021

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