Feature Friday - April 9, 2021


  • When furniture with integrated power transmission systems becomes animated, the resulting newly sentient being no longer breaks every time it moves.
  • You can no longer do the following while confused: perform interactions related to note taking, mark things important or unimportant, or mod items with tinkering.
  • Auto-disassemble no longer attempts to disassemble artifacts owned by others.
  • Take All is now handled as an ongoing process via autoact, meaning it takes one item or stack at a time and can be interrupted by hostile creatures or damage.
  • Removed the gender restrictions on True Kin.
  • Gave chitinous puma and slumberling weapon skills appropriate for their claws.
  • Antelope cherubim now belong to the antelopes faction.
  • Nanopneumatic jackhammers are now tinkerable and disassemblable.
  • Some missile weapons now have their ammo counts colored in the console UI sidebar.
  • If, while wielding a turbow that is powered and has an arrow loaded, you use the reload command and select an arrow from inventory to reload with, you are no longer asked afterward about loading the turbow's energy cell socket.
  • Upgraded the appearance of liquid splashes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Burrowing Claws to keep pathfinding through walls and continue to grant the Dig ability after you toggled it off.
  • You now pathfind through walls when you have a pickaxe or nanopneumatic jackhammer equipped.
  • You no longer pathfind through walls that are owned by others.
  • Changed the display text on the Wait keybind to "Wait / Pat at flames".
  • Long Blades stances are no longer visible on sleeping creatures.
  • Clarified in the Spread Klanq quest text that the faction members you puff on must be sentient.
  • Normalized Euclid's gender and pronouns.
  • Fixed a bug that caused smart use to not work on chests and bookshelves.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the permanent attribute bonuses from Triple-Jointed, Double-Muscled, and Two-Hearted to be treated as temporary under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused it to be possible for creatures with Wings to be flying and sitting at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to keep your Long Blade stances when you acquired the Lond Blades skill via a skillsoft implanted that you later uninstalled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some legendary glow-wights to generate extra copies of their entourages after you saved and loaded. This may happen one last time in existing saves.
  • Fixed a bug that caused options to occasionally get unintentionally cleared during a data hotload.
  • Fixed [redacted] as it appears in On the Origins and Nature of the Dark Calculus.


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Version Apr 10, 2021
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Version Apr 10, 2021
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Version Apr 10, 2021
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Version Apr 10, 2021
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Version Apr 10, 2021
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Version Apr 10, 2021

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