Feature Friday - February 12, 2021


  • Gave agolflies wings.
  • Euclid now wanders around Barathrum's study but no longer attacks the mushrooms there.
  • Dynamic quests that instruct you to find a location 3-7 parasangs in a direction from a landmark no longer use underground landmarks.
  • Yuckwheat is no longer destroyed when harvested.
  • Quartziferous mirrors now refract light.
  • The following actions now have energy costs and exit menu interfaces: eating, drinking, and opening & closing doors you aren't moving through.
  • We moved some Autoget options around.
    • Moved "Maximum auto-move squares/sec and auto-attack actions/sec" from Autoget to Automation.
    • Moved "Ignore enemies less than <difficulty>" from Autoget to Automation.
    • Moved "Ignore enemies farther away than <tile number>" from Autoget to Automation.
    • Moved "Take corpses when using Tab to take all" from Autoget to User Interface.
  • Removed Q Girl's plastifer jerkin.
  • Jump no longer snaps to your current target.
  • Items that use a particular liquid can now be set to autocollect that liquid when they're empty.
  • Ogre ape pelts are no longer considered food.
  • Arch dervishes no longer spawn with weak psionic weapons.
  • Creatures on walls can be looked at again.
  • Mines are now triggered only by creatures hostile to the minelayer.
  • Mines now function as hidden in pathfinding only to creatures hostile to the minelayer.
  • Creatures now do at least a little work to avoid mines they can detect, even if they aren't a threat.
  • Spray bottles can no longer be used to spray themselves.
  • Most objects in your tile or adjacent tiles now have an "attack" action available from the interaction menu, enabling you to be more specific in your attacks when there are multiple targets.
  • NPCs no longer irrationally prefer armor that is a light source over armor that is not.
  • You are no longer asked to spread Pax Klanq in Joppa in games where you did not start in Joppa.
  • Hitting escape when asked for a target for Spray-a-Brain or nano-neuro animator no longer generates an error.
  • Temporary and existence-support objects are now never animatable; the same is true of objects whose phase of matter is something other than solid.
  • Hoarshrooms sprouted from luminous fungal infections no longer bond to body parts they are equipped in once they are separated from the body part they initially sprout on.
  • Multiple applications of hulk honey, when not causing overdose, now refresh the duration of the effect rather than stacking.
  • Lunge now respects phase and flight with regard to whether objects between you and your target obstruct you.
  • Tattooed detail color no longer persists across player characters and save games.
  • You no longer receive popups when other creatures' irritable genomes act up.
  • Removed the blank Garden of Geth tile from the worldmap.
  • Fixed a bug that made pools of water strangely resistant to being evaporated once somebody walked through them. This change may introduce new liquid temperature behavior, some of which is unintended.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Reputation screen to display the text for a faction hating you when they merely just dislike you.
  • Fixed a bug that caused freshly animated objects not to become active until odd conditions were met.
  • Fixed an exception when blast cannons were disarmed, e.g. from leering stalkers.
  • Fixed some bugs with the interaction between snap-to-hostile-target behavior and wall-dwelling creatures in corners.
  • Fixed the tile color of zetachrome warhammer.
  • Fixed elastyne skin suit appearing in certain encounter tables twice.
  • [modding] Several messages pertaining to curable fungal infections now emit & conjugate properly for NPCs.


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Version Feb 13, 2021
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Version Feb 13, 2021
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Version Feb 13, 2021
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Version Feb 13, 2021

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