Feature Friday - January 29, 2021


  • Fear is now implemented as a status effect called Terrified. This means it now appears in creatures' descriptions, can be removed by phenomena that remove status effects, counts as a debuff for Shank's purposes, and interrupts Sunder Mind.
  • The energy cost of a move action now uses the move speed you had at the start of the action. This fixes a bug where if you went prone while wading through water, enemies would get dozens of free attacks on you.
  • Move speed now has a minimum value of 5.
  • Missile combat messages now give more information about the direction of projectiles and missile attacks and less information about creatures you cannot see.
  • You no longer have a chance to use random ingredients from your equipment or inventory when you whip up a meal.
  • Baetyls and baetyl cherubim now gently repel gases.
  • Reduced the speed of projectiles to make their directions more legible.
  • Engraved and Painted no longer increase the tinker cost of adding additional item mods to the items they are on.
  • Mines laid by miner robots are now hidden.
  • Miner robots are now better at avoiding their enemies.
  • Sower's seeds can no longer be used as mines or bombs.
  • Miner robots can no longer generate as sower's seed miners.
  • Klanq no longer asks you to puff on [Object]s.
  • Changed the text of Corpus Choliys to no longer imply that the Flaming Ick has to be quaffed from a particular type of container.
  • Gorged growths now belong to the root faction.
  • When Camp looks for existing campfires or campfire remains, it no longer counts campfires in unexplored areas.
  • Camp now better indicates where the existing campfire is if there is one.
  • You can no longer use Sting if you cannot move your extremities.
  • Nests are no longer hidden under light sources when they generate in the same tile.
  • Tortoise cherubim now correctly belong to the tortoise faction.
  • Removed the possibility of faction encounters in the middle of the stilt cathedral.
  • Recoilers now give a clearer message when they drain the last charge in their energy cells while failing to recoil.
  • Named snapjaws in villages now have snapjaw-like names. We also expanded the snapjaw name generator.
  • Added better messaging for young ivory and lurking beth attacks.
  • Young ivory and lurking beth are no longer revealed when they attacked victims you cannot see.
  • You can no longer autowalk to stairs while confused.
  • Falling asleep now interrupts autoact.
  • Explosions produced by mines now better inherit the phase characteristics of the mines themselves.
  • Added a death message for metabolic collapse due to hulk honey abuse.
  • Dynamic quest item names no longer occasionally have punctuation in them.
  • Made the duration in Paralyzing Stinger's level text more consistent across levels.
  • These abilities now snap to hostile targets: Lase, Sunder Mind, Flaming Ray, Freezing Ray, Berate, Menacing Stare, Mark Target, and Charge.
  • Fixed some cases where message log entries would begin with a lower-case letter.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused Syzygyriors to start the game without any weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when you spoke to Neelahind or Eskhind while carrying Kindrish after completing Kith and Kin.
  • Fixed a typo in Elder Irudad's conversation.
  • Fixed unprocessed dynamic text from appearing in cookbooks generated during world generation.
  • Fixed an XP bug with companions.
  • Fixed a typo in square cap.
  • Fixed some grammar errors with relic boots.


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