Feature Friday - January 22, 2021


  • Warden Ualraig no longer carries glowspheres.
  • Glowspheres are now more expensive.
  • Lase now acts as a projectile for the purposes of passing through forcefields, fences, and low walls.
  • The location secret for Mamon Souldrinker's village lair is now logged in your journal when you find the village.
  • Birds now have the Beak and Wings mutations by default.
  • Acid humors are now immune to acid.
  • Canned mystery meat is now properly considered meat.
  • Ink weeps now properly weep ink.
  • Tactful no longer gives bonus reputation with hidden factions.
  • Made brooding jadepuff's spores a darker shade of green.
  • Made parts of Otho's dialog slightly less repetitive.
  • Made poison-tipped spears a little more expensive.
  • Quantum ripplers must now be identified.
  • Urn duster villagers no longer leave to look for urns in the Tomb of the Eaters.
  • Urn dusters are now able to dust urns outside the Tomb of the Eaters, should they find some.
  • Village colonists no longer have a chance to spawn as previously named legendary creatures.
  • Sheba Hagadias no longer has a chance to spawn as a named Knight Commander of the Holy Temple.
  • Troll foals can no longer spawn on the world map.
  • You can no longer compliment Q Girl's hair if you have monochrome.
  • Dynamic quests to find items now respect item plurality in their quest text.
  • You can no longer roll on the ground to put out a fire if you're out of phase with the ground.
  • Temperature changes performed by firefighting are now phase insensitive.
  • The option "Take corpses when using Tab to take all" now defaults to off.
  • XP gained by companions of companions is now shared up the leadership chain.
  • There's now a specific death message for bleeding to death.
  • Scans of local environments do a better job of checking the visibility of individual creatures and items, rather than merely that of the squares they are in. This means that Attack Nearest no longer moves you toward hidden young ivories and lurking beths.
  • Flaming Ray and Freezing Ray now more consistently message the names of the limbs they're on.
  • Molting basilisk husk no longer includes its thrown weapon stats in its display name.
  • Psychometry can no longer be used to switch off turrets created by turret tinkers.
  • Empty waterskins you are selling no longer count toward your liquid carrying capacity, while empty waterskins you are buying do.
  • Certain indirect forms of damage, such as gases, mines, and fires, no longer incorrectly set your target.
  • If a dialog option results in you getting in a fight with one of your companions, they now become hostile to you after you exit the conversation.
  • Added a more descriptive message for trying to move through movement-blocking terrain on the worldmap.
  • Made the hyphenation of Two-Headed, Two-Hearted, and Cold-Blooded consistent.
  • The word "apex" is now procedurally pluralized to "apices".
  • Attack Nearby and autoattack will no longer attack creatures who are not hostile to you.
  • Cooking effects on NPCs no longer go on forever.
  • Fixed a generative text error in some sultan tomb inscriptions.
  • Fixed a character creation display bug with Ibul cybernetic implants.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to occasionally freeze when you were targeted by a lithofex's gaze.
  • Fixed a typo in barkbiter jerky.
  • Fixed a typo in damage reflection cooking effect text.
  • Fixed plurality issues in some dynamic quest text.
  • [Patreon] Fixed a bug in E-Ros's speech patterns.


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