Feature Friday - January 8, 2021


  • Creatures can now pathfind through force bubbles they are emitting.
  • Creatures now care when you damage their force bubbles.
  • Gamma moth's mutating gazes no longer have non-functional energy cell sockets.
  • Historic sites now reward a more appropriately tiered amount of cybernetic credits.
  • Legendary pilgrims no longer up and leave their lairs.
  • While socializing at the Six Day Stilt, burrowing creatures no longer burrow and restless creatures are now less restless.
  • Passing the turn to put yourself out while on fire no longer loosens your carapace or interrupts Heal or Meditate.
  • If you successfully fence a stolen object, it's no longer considered owned by someone else.
  • Attempting to cure glotrot before your tongue has completely rotted away no longer cements the disease in its first bleeding stage.
  • Changed some properties for clockwork beetles to make them more fully automaton-like.
  • Meditate is now smarter about what status effects it reduces the duration of and can now include effects added by mods.
  • The interior of the Tomb of the Eaters is now correctly treated as indoors for the purposes of Albino.
  • Once you've discovered the Mark of Death, the mark itself is now displayed in your journal.
  • The Mutating effect can now bestow multiple defects and properly mutates you after a save/load.
  • Entourages of fort snapjaws are now excluded from dynamic encounters.
  • Whipping up a meal in [redacted] now properly uses local ingredients.
  • Ovens no longer generate in liquid volumes.
  • Signs now appear on the alt overlay.
  • Mushroom walls now paint together nicely.
  • Removed some wall tiles with broken descriptions from the town square of Ezra.
  • Identified hologram bracelets now provide an activated ability that activates and deactivates them.
  • [redacted]
  • Fixed some cases where companions of companions incorrectly got angry at you.
  • Fixed some figurine grammar.
  • Fixed a bug that turned the Barathrumites against you when you damaged Barathrumite-owned furniture or equipment during A Call to Arms.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the player failure popups from NPCs' Syphon Vim usage.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs with Syphon Vim to lock up when they became hostile to non-creature targets.
  • Fixed a bug that made ape pilgrims path to the Six Day Stilt instead of to [redacted].
  • Fixed the particle text color of dazed, stunned and bonded.
  • Fixed a text color bug in Blood and Fear: On the Life Cycle of Lah.


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Version Jan 09, 2021
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Version Jan 09, 2021
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Version Jan 09, 2021
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Version Jan 09, 2021

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