Feature Friday - January 1, 2021


  • Added several new movement-related commands:
    • Move To Square (default mapping: ctrl-enter), which prompts you for a target square and attempts to pathfind to there.
    • Move To Zone Edge (default mapping: shift-enter), which prompts you for a NSEW direction and attempts to pathfind to that edge of the screen, or as close to it as you can manage.
    • Force Attack Direction (default mapping: backslash), which prompts you for a direction and attacks in that direction.
    • Force Attack Square (default mapping: shift-backslash), which prompts you for a target square adjacent to you and attacks there.
  • Creatures becoming dazed now appears in the message log and produces floating text.
  • Creatures who are interested in occasionally going on shopping sprees at the Six Day Stilt no longer engage in this behavior when they have a party leader.
  • Ironshank can now only infect creatures with a Feet body part that is made of live tissue and provides mobility.
  • Identified force bracelets now provide an activated ability that activates and deactivates them.
  • Dig no longer works on the world map.
  • Slam will now prefer your primary cudgel.
  • Owned Schrodinger pages now warn you when you attempt to activate them.
  • If you are dominating a temporary or existence-supported creature at the time when it ceases to exist, this now ends your game once more, but now with case-specific messaging.
  • Young ivory, lurking beth, holographic ivory, and holographic beth now self-destruct if they enter a square with another object of any of these types, preventing stacks of multiple instances of these from forming. (The only exception is if the object is, due to extraordinary circumstances, a fully self-mobile creature, as for example in the case of an extradimensional psychic assassin lurking beth.)
  • Shield Slam now has an action cost of one turn.
  • Syphon Vim now does a better job of targeting the creature in its target cell that you would want it to target, when there is more than one.
  • Syphon Vim now appears in the message log any time it is initiated between creatures you can see, and produces floating text when initiated.
  • Syphon Vim now provides better failure messaging.
  • Mouse-based movement no longer knows how to pathfind through areas you have not explored.
  • The display names and descriptions of leather bracer Kith and Kin clue items is now coherent with leather bracers being single items.
  • Narcoleptics' original body no longer falls asleep outside of combat while they are Dominating another creature.
  • The ExploreZone debug command will now expand the player's sight radius.
  • The 'wait a specified number of turns' dialog now uses the last number of turns waited as the default.
  • The modern message log is now hidden when using the alt overlay.
  • Humanoid creatures no longer default to having the Night Vision mutation.
  • True Kin NPCs now have Rebuke Robot.
  • When Joppa is abandoned, the zones surrounding it are now given names as per ordinary salt marsh.
  • Fixed a bug that turned the Barathrumites against you when friendly fire hit chain laser emplacements during A Call to Arms.
  • Fixed a bug that made move speed of 100 display as move speed of 99 in the modern UI.
  • Fixed a bug causing engulfment-capable creatures to potentially freeze up when hostile to non-combat-capable objects like young ivory and dreadroots.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in zone names of the form "some slimyorgotten ruins".
  • Fixed an issue causing machine press tiles to become nonfunctional.
  • Fixed excessive event usage during legacy explosions.
  • Fixed color bleeds in cooking messages from congealed skulk, congealed love, and dried lah petals.
  • Fixed a bug that made zero move speed exploits still possible when dominating sapient plants and fungi.
  • [modding] Erroneous population tables should no longer prevent loading of tables from other mods.

202.18 - 'beta' branch

  • The Wait N Turns dialog is now a number picker
  • The default number of items to drop is now the size of the stack instead of 1
  • Modern windows are now responsive to the player position in ASCII mode
  • Added prerelease input manager keybindings for load game, save game and auto-attack-nearest
  • Fixed an issue with liquid selection when modern ui elements were enabled


cavesofqud-windows-default.zip 342 MB
Version Jan 02, 2021
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Version Jan 02, 2021
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Version Jan 02, 2021
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Version Jan 02, 2021
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Version Jan 02, 2021
cavesofqud-linux-default.zip 353 MB
Version Jan 02, 2021

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