Feature Friday - December 25, 2020


  • Burrowing Claws, nanopneumatic jackhammers, and pickaxes now enable an activated ability Dig. This is a form of autoact that allows you to automatically move in a straight line from your current location to somewhere else on the map, attacking walls as necessary. All events that normally interrupt autoact will interrupt autodig, as will being displaced from your planned path and failing too many times in a row to damage what you are attacking. Hazards that would be avoided by autoexplore are NOT avoided by autodig.
  • When naming an item based on its qualities and choosing to name it after a creature (most relevantly, the player naming after themself), item naming now preserves the capitalization pattern of the creature's name rather than converting it to standard title case.
  • Manual equip now reports properly on some process failures which previously failed silently, and on items unequipped in the equip process.
  • Heat resistance and cold resistance now affect the absorption of ambient temperature when absorption does not appear to be desirable (for instance, if you are on fire, it would not be desirable for your cold resistance to interfere with ambient temperature cooling you down).
  • Poisoning and asphyxiation now have specific death messages.
  • Pathfinding now avoids revealed yonderbrush.
  • The gemstone transmutation power of some relics now only works on creatures that are hostile to the relic's wielder.
  • Sparking baetyls no longer ask for items with the Sharp mod.
  • Joppa's zone is no longer treated as having a proper name, and has the display name "an abandoned village", when Joppa is abandoned.
  • The sultan gospel learned from the shrine in Joppa is no longer annotated as having been learned from the villagers of Joppa when the villagers of Joppa are not a visible faction.
  • Warden 1-FF no longer generates as hated by the Farmers' Guild.
  • The Jacked mod's description now reflects its interaction with mutants with Electrical Generation.
  • Liquids being poured out onto the ground now retain the phase characteristics of their pourers briefly, and some internal mechanics of neutron flux explosion have been adjusted, such that neutron flux explosions will generally have the phase characteristics of the individual causing them.
  • Move speed now has a floor at 1, disabling exploits involving slowing move speed down to 0 to achieve a mathematically undefined rate of motion.
  • If you are dominating a temporary or existence-supported creature at the time when it ceases to exist, this now breaks the domination rather than ending your game.
  • Being in the target area of a fulcrete catapult, or seeing that your companion is, now interrupts autoact.
  • Twinning lamprey generated twins now take on the party leader and target of the current lamprey.
  • The names of village building materials made from creature parts now preserve the case pattern of the names of the creatures they are made from.
  • Attempting to charge while overburdened now fails early and shows a relevant error message, rather than attempting to charge and failing in a fashion that costs action points and puts Charge on cooldown.
  • Disguises are no longer generated for breathbeards and elder breathbeards.
  • Sheba Hagadias no longer generates as a breathbeard or elder breathbeard.
  • Fixed a bug causing the deathlands and the Spindle's parasang to have the wrong difficulty tiering.
  • Fixed a bug causing explosions to terminate early on an exception.
  • Fixed a bug causing single leather bracers to still be treated as plural.
  • Fixed a bug that made maghammers and leather whips ignore their wielders' relevant attribute bonuses when calculating the difficulty of saves to escape from being latched onto by them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused player companions to lose their faction memberships and other attitudinal tracking when left behind in a zone which was then returned to, with this then carrying on down the leadership chain where applicable.
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the action cost benefits of plastifer chem vests and medassist modules.
  • Fixed a bug causing wraith-knights to be friendly to more phylactery users than they should have been.
  • Fixed a bug that caused flamethrowers and swarm racks equipped on the back slot provided by an equipment rack implant fail to fire.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause exceptions interacting with chests using the trade screen.
  • Fixed a bug in tomb inscriptions describing sultans' forging of relics.
  • Fixed a typo in Agyra's dialogue.
  • [modding] GetEnergyCostEvent now has its Type field set properly.
  • [modding] added support for 'populaton' zone tags in worlds.xml


  • Fixed an issue with some dynamically typed NPCs appearing as generic "breathbeards"
  • Fixed an issue with overal message log toggling via legacy keybinds


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Version Dec 26, 2020
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