Feature Friday - December 18, 2020


  • Sparking baetyls now sometimes request items modded in some way; for example, "SIX JEWEL-ENCRUSTED ITEMS" or "THREE ITEMS FITTED WITH SUSPENSORS".
  • Vaporizing pools of water and acid now produce steam and acid gas, respectively, once more.
  • Lase has unlimited range again, and this is now reflected in the UI and by AI behavior.
  • You can no longer trade with creatures who are out of phase with you.
  • Resting and waiting no longer honor the "ignore enemies easier than" option.
  • Resting and multi-turn waiting now check for hostiles before starting, rather than using a turn then checking for hostiles.
  • Autoexplore now only attempts to open doors you are in phase with.
  • Interruption messages are now only displayed for autoget (messages about "gathering") if you have autogotten at least one item.
  • Being shot at with missile weapons now interrupts autoact under more circumstances.
  • Haggabah is now invisible when lit by penetrating radar and visible to psychic observation.
  • Temporal Fugue clones can no longer use Temporal Fugue.
  • There is now a pair of protectors of the Stilt inside it.
  • Improved the visibility of explosions, particularly near walls.
  • Campfires and ovens now heat themselves up.
  • Campfires are now extinguished if they freeze.
  • North-facing and south-facing industrial fans no longer need to be identified separately.
  • Yla Haj no longer generates as hated by the Fellowship of Wardens or the Farmers' Guild.
  • Anomaly extinguishers no longer have a message about compute power in their description.
  • The description of Staunch Wounds no longer mentions the decommissioned defect Hemophilia.
  • When a creature you have performed the water ritual with is cloned, the clone's description no longer incorrectly reports that you have performed the water ritual with it.
  • Wood floor and bridges made of brinestalk no longer render as if they were on top of non-flooring objects.
  • Walltraps no longer trigger on the world map, should they find themselves there in some way, such as by being animated using a nano-neuro animator or Spray-a-Brain, then being dominated by the player.
  • Reputation change messages now correctly report reputation levels influenced by Socially Repugnant and faction attitudes toward mutations.
  • Activating flight while swimming no longer temporarily leaves you in a state of both flying and swimming.
  • Procedural grammar composition now uses the article "an" with the word "heir" rather than "a".
  • Encounter tables for generating random items of armor no longer sometimes redirect to tables for generating non-armor-specific artifacts, meaning among other things that sparking baetyls promising A SPLENDID VESTMENT will no longer occasionally give people a cybernetics credit wedge.
  • Buying skills no longer bypasses the requirements for their basic powers (the 0 SP ones included with the skill).
  • While auto-exploring you will no longer notice hostiles outside your actual vision range, i.e. when myopic.
  • Fungal infections no longer print unequip messages when cured and instead specify what body part they were cured from.
  • Removed legacy torch sconces hidden in the walls of the Stilt ground floor.
  • Creatures and companions should now have a higher preference for using vibro weapons.
  • Puffing Klanq on items and creatures now works on items and creatures that are in the same square as you.
  • Summoning curios will now normally summon a creature of a faction that existed during the Sultanate of Qud.
  • Two-handed weapons no longer fail to be equipped to the thrown weapon slot, and multi-slot armor equipped to the thrown weapon slot or in a hand as a melee weapon no longer additionally occupies body parts related to its armor functionality unless the thrown weapon or hand slot is normally part of the armor's slot usage pattern.
  • Fixed a bug causing Swimming and Wading statuses to sometimes hang around longer than appropriate, especially with high move speed and/or quickness.
  • Fixed a bug causing displacer bracelets to be more common than intended.
  • Fixed a bug that made some forms of being stuck show you, when preventing actions, a failure message of "You are!" or "You are !" rather than "You are stuck!"
  • Fixed a bug causing NPCs to use Slam on themselves in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that generated an inconsequential exception when unmatched piston presses Slammed things.
  • Fixed a typo and exception in the Spread Klanq mural text.
  • Fixed exception when waiting a number of turns.
  • Fixed the hollow tree playing music of the last visited zone.
  • Fixed some bugs causing errors when soup sludges attempted to spit liquid.
  • Fixed a bug causing chromelings affected by the chrome beacon to sometimes have two Overclocked effects active.
  • Fixed a bug that made disassembling an energy cell slotted in an item fail to immediately update carried weight.
  • [modding] Physics.ExplosionDamage() now passes its WhatExploded parameter to GameObject.TakeDamage() as its Source parameter, making it available in the TakeDamage event.
  • [modding] The Source parameter from the TakeDamage event is now available in the AttackerDealtDamage, BeforeTookDamage, TookDamage, and TookEnvironmentalDamage events.
  • [modding] XRL.UI.ConversationUI.HaveConversation() now has a default of null on its Speaker parameter, and an effort has been made to make sure it and its downstream dependencies can handle a conversation without a Speaker.

202.15 - 'beta' branch

  • Added prerelease keybind for toggling the message log visibility
  • Fixed an issue causing the keybinding screen to be unescapeable if prerelase input was turned on but modern ui was disabled
  • Fixed an issue causing a few non-alternate adventure keybinds to fire even when the alternate key was pressed


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Version Dec 19, 2020
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Version Dec 19, 2020

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