Feature Friday - October 30, 2020


  • The "Prerelease Stage Screen" option was renamed "Enable modern UI elements." and moved to the top of the Overlay options. It's now enabled by default.
  • The options for prerelease stage scale and overlay UI scale were merged.
  • Extradimensional items are no longer excslusively unmoddable.
  • Sitting in chairs now respects phase and flight.
  • Item naming events are now more likely to appear in the [redacted] made about your [redacted].
  • NPCs no longer use quest item tonic injectors.
  • Updated the love tonic success logic.
  • Killing a jilted lover now ends any Stuck effects caused by it.
  • Becoming out of phase with a jilted lover that's grabbing you now releases you.
  • You can now throw tonic injectors at creatures to inject them.
  • Made improvised thrown weapons perform slightly better.
  • The depth limit at which radio-powered energy cells can receive satellite power is once again functional.
  • Smart use on a sleeping NPC now brings you to their interaction menu instead of attempting to initiate a conversation with them.
  • NPCs now terminate Sunder Mind if they become allied toward the creature whose mind they are sundering.
  • When trading with Sheba Hagadias, non-book items no longer have a non-functional Read action available.
  • Thirst thistles can no longer impose an unlimited degree of negative hydration on you.
  • Gyrocopter backpacks now repel nearby gases while engaged, similar to wrist fans.
  • Only one corrected vision effect is now visible on a given creature regardless of how many vision-corrective devices they are wearing.
  • Angry baetyls no longer explode at will. They do still explode after taking enough damage.
  • Stairs now have ascend/descend interaction commands that tell you to use < and > if you haven't remapped them, as a new player UI discovery backstop.
  • Improved some techscanning-viewable item component names in Stopsvalinn and anti-gravity boots.
  • Damage taken by a clone made of your original body while using Domination no longer breaks your Domination.
  • Domination is now interrupted by any negative effect on your original body, no longer excluding "minor" effects.
  • Being Phased now ends immediately upon moving to the world map.
  • Phasing can no longer be activated on the world map.
  • Phasing in within a solid object on the world map no longer has any effect.
  • When a tonic injector is applied to a creature involuntarily, it's no longer described as if the creature applied it voluntarily.
  • When an equipped tonic injector is applied, you no longer get a message about it being unequipped.
  • Cooking effects and shade oil tonic used by mutants no longer randomly phase you while you're on the world map.
  • The "auto-collect liquid" interaction command is now displayed as "stop auto-collecting liquid" when you are currently auto-collecting and using the command to turn it off.
  • Pressing "o" in the trade screen with no items selected to trade now displays "Nothing to trade." rather than "Trade complete!"
  • Trash is now highlighted in the alt display if you have Scavenger or Trash Divining.
  • You no longer have to unequip and reequip equipment that grants flight after you identify it in order to use its flying ability.
  • You can now start and stop flying with flight-granting equipment by using the appropriate activate interaction command.
  • Improved the language used when baetyls demand quantities of items described using mass nouns.
  • Tweaked internal conveyor logic to reduce unneccessary zone construction.
  • Fixed a bug that caused aquatic creatures to sometimes spawn on bridges.
  • Fixed a stat change bug with temporary stat modifiers that resulted in ever increasing HP.
  • Fixed thrown weapon damage appearing twice in the message log.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally crashed the game on some zone loads in the Tomb of the Eaters.
  • Fixed a bug caused some tar pool zones to generate without their zone name.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some lair zone names to include their "surface" designation twice.
  • Fixed a bug that caused liquid-covered and liquid-stained items to lose track of the liquids covering them after a save/load.
  • Fixed some scenarios where your original body could begin acting under AI control while using Domination.
  • Fixed a bug that could make the equipment screen inaccessible under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Amnesia to try and fail to forget unforgettable events.
  • Fixed several issues with clones and mutation-granting equipment.
  • Fixed some scattered prerelease UI scaling issues.
  • Fixed stinger printing unequip messages when its mutation rank changed.
  • Fixed minor bug in Agyra's dialog.
  • Fixed a typo in Vivira's conversation.
  • Fixed a village history typo.
  • Fixed a typo in low wall description.
  • Fixed cannibal cherub's display name.
  • Fixed the color of frog cherub.
  • Fixed a typo in shade oil tonic's effect description for true kin.
  • Fixed a misconfiguration that caused mashed lag and sun-dried banana to be treated as grammatically plural.
  • Fixed some message formatting issues when equipped items are lost to dismemberment.
  • [modding] Fixed an exception in character creation when the player's body blueprint had the Genotype property set.

202.3 - 'beta' branch

  • Collapsed categories in the inventory will now persist on save load & won't be forgotten when afflicted with confusion.
  • [modding] On case-sensitive platforms, manifest.json is no longer required to be lower-case.
  • [modding] Worlds.xml now supports self-closing tags.


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Version Oct 31, 2020

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