Feature Friday - October 16, 2020


  • Rejoinder is now toggleable.
  • Fixed some cases where stack counts could appear in item repair messages.
  • Made chest inventory generation, and village generation that depends on it, more resilient.
  • Improved the composition of possessive markers onto nouns when those nouns have color formatting attached.
  • Your perception of madpoles becoming frenzied by the scent of blood now depends on those madpoles' visibility.
  • Point-defense lasers can no longer be salvaged from normality bots.
  • Madpole detection of the scent of blood is now more reliable; for example, it will not be triggered by an item that merely has the word "blood" in its name, nor will it fail to detect blood covering a historical relic.
  • The Spread Klanq quest will no longer ever ask you to puff Klanq onto an abstract concept of a projectile.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented chimerae from performing the water ritual with Seeker heroes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused companions' cause of death to be misidentified.
  • Made some improvements to the identification of companions' cause of death when the player is responsible.
  • Teleportation and being moved by an external force no longer loosen your carapace.
  • Sunder Mind now prefers to target hostile creatures when there are multiple possible targets in a square.
  • Creatures without faces now are not described as having nosebleeds in more circumstances. *Fixed an issue causing the last serving of canned-have-it-all to not be properly consumed when cooking from a recipe
  • Sprinting now directly modifies your movespeed. For example, with 100 movespeed and the default 2X sprint effect, your movespeed is 200 and will be displayed as such.
  • Combat animations and floating text are now properly cancelled when you move to a different zone.
  • Gas masks and vinewood sap masks now protect you from critical failures on your gas saves.
  • Being confused now makes you immune to confusion.
  • Arconauts now refrain from picking up items that would overburden them.
  • Autoact is now interrupted when your night-vision goggles cease to operate.
  • When your autoact is interrupted, certain actions that were incorrectly described as "gathering" are no longer described that way.
  • There's now a limit to how many troll foals will bud from a troll in a single zone.
  • Pits in the ground no longer spawn in the same tile as stairs.
  • The rainboweave cloak description now mentions its light refraction behavior. This won't apply to cloaks generated before this patch.
  • Aquatic creatures can no longer cross bridges.
  • Rhinoxen now have a face on each of their heads.
  • Urchin belchers are now immune to sleep gas and confusion gas.
  • Addling urchins are now only immune to confusion gas rather than all sources of confusion.
  • Drowing urchins are now immune to sleep gas rather than being unable to sleep.
  • Added detail colors for the following: smoldering mushroom, lover's blossom, portable beehive and taco suprema.
  • Energy cell selection now sorts in descending order by available charge.
  • Energy cell selection no longer assigns hotkeys outside the alphabet.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to fail to disarm your target when your duelist swipe attack killed them.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the underground entrance to the Tomb of the Eaters wasn't fully connected to the rest of the Tomb.
  • Fixed a bug with the crematory level builder that caused multiple machine arms and pits to generate in a single tile.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cybernetics terminal to sometimes lock up during implant installation.
  • Fixed a bug that turned some descriptions into System.String[]s.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the first mouse input to be ignored on Linux.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a CPU core to run in an unbounded way when background music was disabled on Linux.


  • Added a directional indicator for click-to-step direction in the bottom-left corner of the prerelease stage screen (used for controllers).
  • We made some more enhancements to the prerelease input manager.
    • Added a 'Highlight Important Objects' binding to the Adventure/AltAdventure categories that functions as the "Alt overlay". Defaults to left + right triggers.
    • Added 'Take All' and 'Store Items' bindings to a new Container category. Defaults to right trigger and right shoulder, respectively.
    • Added a 'Set Primary Limb' binding to the Character Sheet category. Defaults to right trigger.


cavesofqud-windows-default.zip 342 MB
Version Oct 17, 2020
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Version Oct 17, 2020
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Version Oct 17, 2020
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Version Oct 17, 2020
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Version Oct 17, 2020
cavesofqud-linux-default.zip 353 MB
Version Oct 17, 2020

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