Feature Friday - October 2nd, 2020


  • Village quests no longer have the chance to ask you to find a location "with a parasang" of another location. Instead, they may ask you to find a location "next to" another location, in which case the two locations will be in adjacent maps.
  • Two-Headed no longer wakes you up from voluntary sleep.
  • You no longer see troll budding messages when you cannot see the troll.
  • Nerve Poppy is no longer called Numb on the character sheet.
  • Creatures without faces no longer get bloody noses.
  • Relic and extradimensional books now provide skill training on read.
  • While performing the water ritual, you're no longer offered to learn a skill's introductory power without being offered to learn the skill itself.
  • We made some changes to clonelings and clones.
    • Clonelings now have a cap on how many creatures they can clone. If you're friendly with a cloneling, you can refresh their cloning capability by supplying a dram of cloning draught.
    • Clonelings can now clone you.
    • If a cloneling is in your party, you can now direct them to clone creatures.
    • Clonelings in your party no longer wander around randomly.
    • Clones created by clonelings are now worth half the base creature's XP rather than no XP.
    • Clonelings now rarely cloning draught on death.
    • Freshly grown clones are now uninjured.
  • We added new support to the prerelease input manager and fixed some bugs.
    • Added a wait command.
    • Accept now interacts with the selected object in the looker.
    • Fixed interact nearby not working.
    • Vendor actions in trade now work properly.
    • Accept now interacts with the selected object in the looker
    • Added Take All and Store Items keybinds for containers
  • Armor AV/DV averaging across body parts now rounds down.
  • Leather bracers have been singularized into a 1 AV single-arm slot "leather bracer".
  • Autoexplore now interacts with interesting objects before taking them. Example: you'll now read engraved items before taking them.
  • The attack nearest enemy command now counts enemies that are currently engulfing you.
  • The item picker dialog for spray bottles now shows any context for the listed items, like the body part they're equipped on, for example.
  • Lit torch tiles now display color variation in their flame part instead of their wood part.
  • Kindled flames and luminous motes now have tiles.
  • Reduced the number of novices of the sightless way that appear in various regions.
  • Panhumors now use their own correct tile instead of using the gelatinous frustrum tile.
  • Changed the appearance of putrescence to be distinguishable from slime.
  • Made some improvements to the behavior of pathfinding around potentially damaging gases.
  • Pathfinding now strenuously avoids aloe pyra and aloe volta.
  • You can no longer get unlimited data disks by repeatedly installing and uninstalling SkillSoft Tinker implants.
  • Made plurally gendered players correctly addressed in the second person in a number of contexts.
  • Made the popup to confirm switching a hotkey to a new ability show the old ability's display name, not its internal command name.
  • Improved ganglionic teleprojector's messaging when used on a square with no robots in it.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Two-Headed's chance to remove negative mental status effects from working.
  • Fixed a bug where evil twins arrived without a popup message.
  • Fixed a bug that caused unpowered items with boot sequences to have their operational status treated as "booting" rather than unpowered.
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the floating text that appears when an item rusts.
  • Fixed some color formatting errors.
  • Fixed a formatting issue in the level descriptions of Sleep Gas Generation and Corrosive Gas Generation.
  • Fixed some typos in Sleep Gas Generation and Spontaneous Combustion.
  • Fixed a rare exception during world generation.


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