Feature Friday - September 11, 2020


  • Spindle negotiation reward relics are no longer easily scummable with Precognition.
  • Millstones can now grind grave moss, compacted bone matter, and voider glands.
  • The language sparking baetyls use to request items now specifically indicates that the items should be placed on the ground before them.
  • You can no longer jump while flying.
  • Improved the death messages for dying via explosion.
  • Faction lists are now alphabetized in more contexts.
  • Obliteration relics now more precisely describe their scope.
  • You are now considered responsible for the deaths of creatures killed by obliteration relics you activate.
  • Critically failing at artifact examination now interrupts autoact.
  • You can no longer name zones from the world map.
  • Triggering a sound effect multiple times in quick succession is now volume-limited.
  • When receiving tinkering bits, the summary of your current bit locker is no longer shown.
  • Made fewer UI-based popups add their text to the message log.
  • In the trade and chest interaction UIs, the item info line at the bottom now appears for items on both sides of the menu instead of just the right side.
  • The item info line in the trade UI now includes the weight of the item.
  • Falling under lithofex gaze now interrupts autoact and motivates NPCs to flee.
  • Artifact examination now has an action cost.
  • Fixed a bug that caused maps generated in the ruins to be filled in with ground tiles.
  • Desert canyons and ruined waterways are now appropriately windy in the north/south direction in addition to east/west.
  • The various stages of diseases are now considered negative status effects.
  • You no longer receive weight limit warnings when performing a take-all from a container you are carrying.
  • Fixed a bug that caused using Intimidate to spend an action for each creature intimidated.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to get messages when NPCs acquired Ironshank.
  • Fixed a bug that disabled hostility between NPCs without leaders.
  • Fixed a bug causing music from previously visited zones to play when a saved game was loaded.
  • Fixed some issues with the names of lair zones (mostly repetitions of "surface").
  • Fixed some bugs that would break Spindle negotiation rewards.
  • Fixed some grammar issues with list composition in various contexts.
  • Fixed some display issues in the water ritual dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to be wading while flying.
  • Fixed some issues with the names of lair zones (mostly repetitions of "surface").
  • Fixed a bug that granted the Starry Demise achievement whenever the player exploded regardless of whether it was a neutron explosion.
  • Fixed an extra space in the display names of freeze rays.
  • [modding] The liquid used in the water ritual with a given NPC is now primarily determined by the property or tag WaterRitualLiquid on the NPC. The faction record can still override this, but the GivesRep part no longer has the giftType field.
  • [modding] Hero generation now supports the tag HeroFactionHeirloomChance, which can be used to specify a percentage chance that the hero will spawn with a randomly generated faction heirloom.

201.25 - beta branch

  • We revamped Chimera.
    • Chimera still restricts the mutations you can acquire to physical only.
    • Whenever you buy a new mutation or mutate with Unstable Genome, one of the mutation options (chosen randomly) indicates that you if you pick it, you'll also grow a new body part.
      • The body part is chosen randomly from among all organic body parts.
      • The body part grows out of one of your existing body parts, weighted toward your body but any non-abstract body part is possible.
    • If you have Irritable Genome and Chimera, when you buy a mutation, there's a 1/3rd chance you'll grow the new body part. This is in place of the augmented selection, since you don't choose the mutation when buying one with Irritable Genome. You will get the augmented selections when Unstable Genome triggers, however.
  • Icons for objects are now displayed in a bunch of different menus.
  • Most natural equipment and mutation-based physical features now appear in a "Physical features" postfix at the end of a creature's description rather than in the "Equipped" postfix.
  • Wings and Stingers are no longer mutually exclusive.
  • Several issues with the return from [redacted] should now be fixed: saves not loading, unintended player clones, and action queue inconsistencies.
  • The Love and Fear quest can now be completed.
  • Alchemist tables no longer contain floating glowspheres.
  • Due to scattering, creatures now only drop a fraction of their ammo when they die.
  • The teleportation effect of eating a yondercane or voider gland is now imprecise, like the mutation.
  • The "locked in psychic battle" status from Sunder Mind now properly ends once the battle is over.
  • Carbide and fullerite hand bones now use the same tile for their fist objects as the implant objects.
  • When choosing a mutation to rapidly advance, the base mutation ranks of your choices are now be displayed.
  • Corrosive Gas Generation and Sleep Gas Generation now make you immune to acid gas and sleep gas, respectively. They do not make you immune to all forms of acid or involuntary sleep, however.
  • Replaying your most recent character now recalls custom mutation variants.
  • Quantum Jitters no longer trigger on the world map.
  • Kills made via Sunder Mind head explosions and nose bleeds now award experience.
  • Updated the default laptop keymappings with new binds for interact, auto-attack, and journal.
  • Dystechnia and Quantum Jitters no longer share the same character build code.
  • Fixed some bugs with the interactions between body-occupying mutations, rapid mutations, and the mutation level cap that occasionally caused those mutations to not refresh on time.
  • Fixed a bug that caused your name to be displayed as the sunderer when you were targeted with Sunder Mind.
  • Fixed Regeneration not applying its improved healing rate.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the charging visual effect to display your non-disguised tile while you were disguised.
  • Fixed deprecated commands sticking around when a default keymap was loaded.
  • Fixed cookbooks showing the new recipe popup twice.
  • Fixed a bug where some defects would display a rank.
  • [modding] The Armor part now supports modifying MA via the MA field.
  • [modding] Members on the WorldBuilder class are now public.
  • [modding] The cell Inherits property in Worlds.xml now functions properly when merging into existing worlds.


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