Feature Friday - September 5th, 2020


  • Dying from a lithofex gaze now gives a better death message than "You die! (good job)".
  • Phasing in now triggers any appropriate gravitational effects.
  • Deep liquids no longer stop autowalk if the "Confirm before going swimming" option is off, and dangerous liquids no longer stop autowalk if the "Confirm before drinking and movement into certain dangerous liquids." option is off.
  • Pathfinding now considers hostile creatures to be navigation obstacles and avoids the squares next to non-ignored ones depending on their difficulty.
  • Precognition reversion now interrupts autoact.
  • Being lost now carries through Domination, and removes itself from NPCs should it somehow wind up on them.
  • NPCs now intermittently display more interest in moving away from campfires they are standing on top of.
  • Fixed some bugs in the logic of when you can put out fires.
  • Fixed a bug that made grenades thrown by temporal fugue clones disappear before they could explode because they were grenades.
  • Fixed a bug that made some forms of electrical damage not be acknowledged by rubbergum tonic and cooking effects.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bleeding damage to fail to apply when out of phase.
  • Fixed a bug that made the overlay UI autoexplore button flicker.
  • Fixed a display bug in agate figurines.
  • Fixed a typo in the message when trying to automove through a hostile creature.
  • Fixed a bug that made Nocturnal Apex often usable during the day.

201.19 - beta branch

  • We revamped more mutations.
    • Electrical Generation
      • We revamped Electrical Generation.
        • EG now uses the same electrical charge units as energy cells and power systems.
        • Maximum charge is 2000+mutationLevel*2000.
        • Charge accrual rate is mutationLevel*100 per round, modulated by Willpower via a similar formula as cooldown modulation.
        • You can discharge at a minimum of 1000 charge. Deals 1d4 damage per 1000 charge, with the possibility of arcing to adjacent targets at reduced damage (maximum 1 target per 1000 charge).
        • Exposure to electromagnetic pulses always caused involuntary discharge; this is now documented and is now subject to a difficulty 18 Willpower save.
        • Energy cells and capacitors now have a "drink charge" option that lets you drain their charge.
        • You recharge 100 charge for each point of electrical damage taken.
        • You can provide charge to equipped devices that have integrated power systems, such as Jacked equipment.
    • Stinger
      • Reduced Confusing Stinger cost from 4 to 3.
      • We revamped the three Stinger mutations.
        • You now get a tail with the stinger attached.
        • Stinger penetration progression:
          • Level 1: 3
          • Level 2+: (mutationLevel-2)/3 + 4 (max 9)
        • Stinger damage progression:
          • Level 1: 1d6
          • Level 4: 1d8
          • Level 7: 1d10
          • Level 10: 1d12
          • Level 13: 2d6
          • Level 16: 2d6+1
          • Level 19+: 2d8
        • You always sting when you charge or lunge.
        • You can use the Sting activated ability (cooldown 25) to sting with autohit and autopen.
        • Venom save: 14 + mutationLevel*2
        • Paralyzation duration:
          • Level 1-2: 2-4 rounds
          • Level 3+: 1d3 + (mutationLevel)/3 + 1 rounds (max 1d3 + 7)
        • Confusion duration:
          • Level 1-2: 2d3 + 2 rounds
          • Level 3+: 2d3 + (mutationLevel*2)/3 + 2 rounds (max 2d3 + 14)
        • Poison duration: 8-12 rounds
        • Poison increment: (mutationLevel)d2, stackable
    • Sunder Mind
      • We revamped Sunder Mind.
        • For up to 10 rounds, you engage in psychic combat with an opponent, dealing damage each round.
        • Taking any action other than passing the turn will break the connection.
        • Each round, mental attack vs. MA. Damage increment:
          • odd levels: 1d3+(mutationLevel/2)
          • even levels: 1d4+(mutationLevel-1/2)
        • On the tenth round, you deal damage equal to the total amount of damage you've done so far.
        • Range: sight
        • Cooldown: 80 rounds
  • We revamped several defects.
    • Removed Brittle Bones and Hemophilia.
    • Amnesia
      • Revamped. It now gives 2 points.
      • Whenever you learn a new secret, there's a small chance you forget one.
      • Whenever you return to a map you previously visited, there's a small chance you forget the layout.
    • Analgesia
      • Renamed Numb.
    • Blinking Tic
      • Tweaked occurrence chance.
      • Changed so it only triggers during combat.
    • Dystechnia (new)
      • 2 points.
      • You're much worse at examining artifacts.
      • You can't have artifacts identified for you because you don't understand their explanations.
      • When you break an artifact during examination failure, it explodes.
    • Electromagnetic Impulse
      • Tweaked occurrence chance.
      • Changed so it only triggers during combat.
    • Hooks for Feet
      • Removed the -10 move speed penalty.
    • Irritable Genome (new)
      • 4 points.
      • Whenever you spend a mutation point, the next mutation point you gain will be spent randomly.
      • Whenever you buy a new mutation, you get a random one instead of a choice of three.
    • Myopia
      • Increased point value from 2 to 3.
      • Made radius 10.
      • Renamed Myopic.
    • Narcolepsy
      • Reduced point value from 4 to 3.
      • Tweaked occurrence chance.
      • Changed so it only triggers during combat.
    • Psionic Migraines (new)
      • 4 points.
      • You cannot wear hats or helmets.
    • Quantum Jitters (new)
      • 3 points.
      • Whenever you use an activated ability, there's a small chance your focus slips and you dent spacetime in the local region, causing 1-2 spacetime vortices to appear. This chance increases the longer you go without using an activated ability.
    • Socially Repugnant
      • Revamped. It now gives -50 reputation with every faction.
    • Spontaneous Combustion
      • Tweaked occurrence chance.
      • Changed so it only triggers during combat.
    • Tonic Allergy (new)
      • 4 points.
      • The chance your mutant physiology reacts adversely to a tonic is increased to 33%.
      • If you react adversely this way to a salve or ubernostrum tonic, the adverse reaction effect is chosen randomly from among other tonic effects. You will still heal.
  • We fixed some issues with mutation changes from last week.
    • Teleportation - we kept the uncertainty radius but changed the target back from line of sight to any explored location (this was always the intention).
    • Adrenal control no longer increases its own rank.
    • Adrenal control no longer increases the ranks of mental mutations.
    • Attributes gained via adrenal control no longer count toward skill prerequisites.
    • Removed the Stinger / Wings exclusions.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Slime Glands from letting you walk over slime.
  • You can now select a limb in the equipment menu to make it your primary limb. If you do so, your Right Hand (old primary) inherits the offhand attack percentage that the new primary limb had.
  • Disguising items no longer change your tile when equipped in the thrown weapon slot.
  • Rifling through trash with Scavenging and Trash Divining is now toggleable.
  • There is now a classic UI option to indent body parts on the equipment screen, making their hierarchy more visible.
  • Sleep Gas Generation and sleep gas breathing no longer prevent you from voluntarily going to sleep.
  • NPCs immune to sleep gas no longer avoid it while pathfinding.


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