Feature Friday - August 28, 2020


  • Fixed a bug that caused certain worldmap graphics to be improperly hidden.
  • [modding] The mutation lists in character generation are now sorted by display name rather than displaying in order of their loading.
  • [modding] Beak and Carnivorous are now public.

201.18 - 'beta' branch

  • [modding] Several new attributes have been added to Bodies.xml elements. bodyparttype and bodyparttypevariant now have:
    • Appendage, a boolean flag for whether the body part type is an actual appendage (in addition to all previously existing requirements, this flag must be true for a body part to be dismemberable)
    • UsuallyOn, which is used with appendages to designate the typical parent body part of this body part (for example, the UsuallyOn value for Face is Head, the UsuallyOn value for Hand is Arm)
    • UsuallyOnVariant, which is used for body part type variants to designate a specific variant they're typically attached to (for example, the UsuallyOnVariant value for Sensor Array is Control Unit)
    • ImpliedBy, which is used by body parts like Hands to designate that some number of another body part (in this case, Hand) implies their existence
    • ImpliedPer, which works with ImpliedBy to specify how many of the implying parts are "satisfied" by the existence of this part
  • Catching fire now interrupts autoact, as does a visible or audible companion catching fire.
  • We revamped several more mutations.
    • Adrenal Control
      • We revamped it, again.
        • Increased cost from 3 to 4.
        • Reduced Quickness bonus from 38+(mutationLevel * 2) to 9+mutationLevel.
        • Increased cooldown to 200.
        • Made duration a flat 20.
        • While active, other physical mutations get +(mutationLevel/3)+1 rank.
    • Beak
      • Beak is now a 1-point mutation instead of a defect.
      • No longer occupies face slot.
      • Added a +1 Ego bonus. (sightly beak)
      • Updated description to reflect the correct amount of bonus bird reputation (+200).
    • Beguiling
      • Increased cost from 3 to 5.
      • Simplified success roll to 1d8 + characterLevel + mutation Level (or Ego mod, whichever is higher) VS target's characterLevel + MA.
    • Burgeoning
      • Tumbling pods spawned by burgeoned feral lah no longer (dangerously) follow you around.
    • Clairvoyance
      • Increased the cooldown from 75 to 100.
      • Reduced the visibility duration from 16 + mutationLevel * 2 to 19+mutationLevel.
      • Upped the level at which the whole map is revealed to 15.
    • Confusion
      • Increased cost from 3 to 4.
      • Confusion AOE is now a cone originating from the caster.
      • Cone angle: 29+mutationLevel
      • Cone length: 4+mutationLevel/3
      • Increased cooldown from 40 to 75.
      • Changed duration to 0.8*((mutationLevel/2)+10) to 1.2*((mutationLevel/2)+10).
      • Fixed a bug that prevented Confusion's penalty to mental stats form being applied.
    • Domination
      • Increased cost from 4 to 5.
    • Ego Projection
      • Increased cost from 2 to 4.
      • If this ability comes off cooldown before the duration has expired, you can no longer boost the same stat multiple times.
      • Changed duration (which was broken) to: 16+(mutationLevel * 2) to 20+(mutationLevel * 2).
      • Boosting a stat now has an action cost.
    • Force Bubble
      • Reduced cost from 5 to 4.
    • Force Wall
      • Changed cool from 108-(mutationLevel * 8) to a flat 100.
      • Changed duration from 25 to 14+(mutationLevel * 2).
    • Mass Mind
      • Changed cooldown to 550-(mutationLevel * 50), minimum 100.
      • Willpower no longer affects Mass Mind's cooldown.
      • Each use attracts slightly more attention from psychic interlopers.
    • Mental Mirror
      • We revamped this mutation.
        • We did away with the charges.
        • If this mutation is off cooldown when you suffer a mental attack, you gain +3+mutationLevel MA against that attack (and the mirror goes on cooldown). If the attack then fails to penetrate your mental armor, it's reflected back at your attacker.
        • Cooldown: 50.
    • Regeneration
      • Reduced cost from 5 to 4.
      • We revamped this mutation.
        • You regenerate hitpoints at your full rate in combat. (This was true previously but wasn't documented.)
        • Regeneration bonus is now a percentage instead of a flat bonus: +10% + (mutationLevel*10)
        • mutationLevel*10% chance per round to regrow a missing limb. If this chance exceeds 100%, you cannot be decapitated.
        • 1% + mutationLevel/3 chance per round to remove a minor physical debuff at random. At mutationLevel = 5, this becomes any physical debuff (including glotrot, ironshank, sore thorat, and monochrome).
    • Quills
      • Changed AV progression.
        • Level 1-2: 2
        • Level 3+: mutationLevel/3 + 2
      • Quill penetration now caps at 6.
      • Changed the damage reflection for unarmed attacks.
        • Now, when a creature uses an unarmed attack against you, roughly 1% of your quills break and you reflect 3% * numQuills damage back at your attacker.
      • Quill regeneration is now affected by Willpower.
    • Stingers (partial implementation)
      • Stingers now give you a tail and are equipped on the tail instead of your back.
      • More changes to come.
    • Stunning Force
      • Normalized damage increment to 1d3 + (mutationLevel-1) / 2.
    • Teleportation
      • We revamped this mutation.
        • Teleportation is now imprecise. You teleport to a random square in the picker's area of effect (radius = 13-mutationLevel, minimum 2).
        • If an occupied square is chosen, you're shunted to another, unoccupied square (th new square can be outside the AoE).
      • Changed cooldown to 103-(3 * mutationLevel).
    • Two-hearted
      • Reduced cost from 4 to 3.
      • Removed Quickness penalty.
      • Removed synchronized heartbeat effect.
      • Added a % bonus to sprint duration: 10% + 20*mutationLevel.
  • We updated some of our revamps from last week.
    • Increased Wings cost from 3 to 4.
    • Reduced Sleep Gas Generation cost from 4 to 3.
    • Changed Carnivorous cost from -1 to -3.
    • Reduced Triple-jointed cost to 3 as stated.
    • Actually implemented Photosynthetic Skin's changes.
    • Fixed Horns bleed damage.
    • Passing the turn while burning with a tightened carapace prefers to remain tightened now rather than beat out the flames.
  • The resolution to Kith and Kin has been repaired and revamped.
  • Added a new quest: Love and Fear.
  • Fixed a bug that reverted the carbine/sparbine nerfs.
  • Reduced the potency of Psychometry granted by bananas to +1-2 if you don't already have the mutation.
  • Confused creatures now have some variety in their actions.
  • Made seedsprout worm corpse drop at 100%.
  • Changed clump of bone meal to just bone meal.
  • The prerelease stage screen message log now has a background transparency toggle.
  • Added new overlay/prelease conversation dialog boxes.
  • Fungal infections now appear in their own, prioritized category when using the spray bottle.
  • More prerelease stage popup can now be dismissed with Esc.
  • Sheba's Give Book option now remembers where you were in the list when it re-opens.
  • [modding] Added a new test Debug option, "Show Error Popup", that should be useful for modders.
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