Feature Friday - August 21, 2020


  • It's now possible to use a shield unskilled at a 25% block chance.
  • The section in the manual on the combat sequence now includes a description of shield blocking.
  • Attempting to move past the edge of the world now gives a message instead of failing silently.
  • When you fire a missile weapon without a target and your aim snaps to the nearest hostile creature, that creature is no longer set as your target.
  • NPCs are now able to attack inanimate objects they want to destroy.
  • Mutants with temporal fugue are now referred to as temporal fugitives in village histories.
  • Lase now ignores targets it cannot hit when selecting a target.
  • Dehydration notifications are no longer provided for companions who wouldn't generate a death notification.
  • You can no longer swap position with neutral or friendly puffer fungi.
  • Being involuntarily moved into a wall with burrowing claws or a drill equipped no longer forces you to attack the wall.
  • Being involuntarily moved can no longer swap you with a hostile creature.
  • Autoexplore can no longer swap you with an ignored hostile creature.
  • Engulfed creatures now have the lowest priority for purposes of determining which creature is hit when a tile is attacked. The purpose of this change is to make it so that companions can reasonably attack creatures that are engulfing you.
  • Village zones no longer fight with themselves over what music to play.
  • Grenades, mines, and bombs can now be detonated as an inventory action.
  • The classic UI key mapping screen now indicates that you can press delete to clear a command's bindings.
  • The selection hotkeys for donating a book to Sheba Hagadias no longer goes into non-alphabetic characters when you have a lot of books.
  • Projectile animations now become faster the longer the projectile's flight path is.
  • Lase's animation is now faster in general, and becomes faster the longer its path is.
  • Added variant death messages for being killed by electrical, acid, and disintegration damage.
  • Fixed a bug that made delete in the classic UI key mapping screen fail to trigger the bindings being saved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused temporary liquids (for example, acid pools produced by acid walltraps to become permanent through fluid dynamics processes.
  • Myopia's effect on visibility distance now works in more contexts.
  • Fixed a bug that degraded performance when creatures swam.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs with Flaming Hands, Freezing Hands, Freeze Breath, and other breath attacks to stand still when targeting an enemy in the same cell as a wall.
  • Fixed a two-character grammatical redundancy in torches' description.
  • Fixed the message given when you lay a mine or set a bomb.
  • Fixed various instances of situation-specific death messages being overwritten by the generic, "You were killed by so-and-so".
  • Fixed a bug that made agility contribute less to throwing accuracy than it was meant to.
  • Fixed a bug that broke telepathy.
  • [debug] Fixed a bug that caused the "Give 250000 XP" keybind to give the XP without leveling you.
  • [modding] Creatures now respect their NoTrade tag in conversations.
  • [modding] The Mods directory is now created on startup if it doesn't already exist.
  • [modding] The ID attribute of your quests can now be used in QuestsByID. If an ID doesn't exist, Name is used.
  • Proselytes and rebuked robots can now be dismissed from your service as an interaction command.
  • Party members now more consistently behave in a fashion consistent with their leader's attitudes.

201.15 - beta

This patch includes the first batch of changes for a wide-scale mutation balance. More to come!

  • When you level up to level 5, and every 10 levels afterward, your genome enters an excited state and you can rapidly advance one of your physical mutations.
  • Rapid advancement increases the mutation's rank by 3.
  • These three ranks don't count toward the rank 10 limit.
  • Rapidly advanced mutations are still subject to the mutation rank cap that's based on character level.
  • If you have 4 mutation points after gaining a level, you'll have a chance to buy a new mutation before you choose a mutation to rapidly advance.
  • If you have no physical mutations at this point, nothing happens.
  • We revamped several physical mutations.
    • Adrenal Control.
      • Reduced cost from 4 MP to 3.
      • We revamped this mutation.
        • You now gain an activated ability, Release Adrenaline, that increases your quickness by mutationLevel*2+38 for mutationLevel+19 rounds.
        • Cooldown: 100.
    • Burrowing Claws
      • Increased cost from 2 MP to 3.
      • Claws no longer occupy hand slot.
      • Your base fists are now replaced with claws that function as short blades and deal increased damage with mutation level.
        • levels 1-3: 1d2
        • levels 4-6: 1d3
        • levels 7-9: 1d4
        • levels 10-12: 1d6
        • levels 13-15: 1d8
        • levels 16-18: 1d10
        • levels 19+: 1d12
    • Carapace
      • Reduced cost from 4 MP to 3.
      • DV penalty is now a flat -2 across all mutation levels.
      • You no longer have trouble getting up when knocked prone.
      • Reduced the DV penalty for tightening your carapace from -10 to -2.
    • Carnivorous
      • Changed this into a defect that gives 1 MP.
      • Removed the tasty bonuses from eating meat.
    • Corrosive Gas Generation
      • Removed mutual exclusion with Sleep Gas Generation.
      • Increased the number of rounds you release gas for from mutationLevel/2 + 1 to mutationLevel+2.
      • Increased the cooldown from 35 to 40.
      • Corrosive gas no longer deals damage to items.
      • (cosmetic) Renamed the activated ability name to "Release Corrosive Gas".
    • Double-muscled
      • Reduced cost from 4 MP to 3.
      • Removed the movespeed penalty.
      • Changed the chance to daze on a successful melee attack to 13% + mutationLevel*2 for 2-3 rounds.
    • Electromagnetic Pulse
      • (cosmetic) Renamed the activated ability to "Emit Pulse".
    • Flaming Hands and Freezing Hands
      • Renamed to Flaming Ray and Freezing Ray. You now have the option to customize these mutations and choose a limb for the ghostly flames/icy vapor to appear on (Hands, Feet, or Face).
      • Now neither mutation occupies the Hands or any other body slot.
      • If you get the limb you chose severed, you lose access to the mutation's powers.
      • The temperature increase/decrease on melee attacks now applies to attacks made with any limb. We also added this behavior to the mutation description (it was previously undocumented).
      • Added a temporary exclusion with Beak.
    • Flaming Ray
      • Reduced cost from 5 MP to 4.
    • Freezing Ray
      • Increased cooldown from 10 to 20.
    • Heightened Quickness
      • Reduced cost from 4 MP to 3.
      • Removed the toughness penalty.
      • Increased quickness buff to mutationLevel*2 + 13.
    • Horns
      • You can now choose a cosmetic option for horns (horns, horn, antlers, casque).
      • Increased the chance for a horns attack from 20% to 25%.
      • Increased AV progression to (mutationLevel-1)/3 + 1.
      • Generalized damage to 2d[(mutationLevel/2)+3].
      • Improved bleeding damage to the following.
        • levels 1-3: 1
        • level 4+: 1d2 + (mutationLevel-4)/3
      • If you aren't wielding anything in your primary hand, you now attack with your horns as if they were your primary attack.
    • Multiple Arms
      • Increased the chance for extra attacks from 6% + mutationLevel * 2 to 7% + mutationLevel * 3.
    • Multiple Legs
      • Increased cost from 4 MP to 5.
      • Changed move speed bonus from mutationLevel * 5 + 3 to mutationLevel * 20.
    • Night Vision
      • You can now see [redacted].
    • Phasing
      • You can now phase back in on demand.
    • Photosynthetic Skin
      • Increased the bonus regeneration rate from Basking or cooking with lignin from 20% + mutationLevel * 4 to 20% + mutationLevel * 10.
      • Increased the bonus quickness from Basking or cooking with starch from 1 + Ceiling(mutationLevel/2) to 13 + mutationLevel*2.
      • Generalized the servings of starch and lignen you can store to [(mutationLevel-1) * 4] + 1.
      • Generalized the bonus duration of Basking's effect to [(mutationLevel-1) * 4] + 1.
    • Sleep Gas Generation
      • Increased cost from 3 MP to 4.
      • Removed mutual exclusion with Corrosive Gas Generation.
      • Increased the number of rounds you release gas for from mutationLevel/2 + 1 to mutationLevel+2.
      • Increased the cooldown from 35 to 40.
      • (cosmetic) Renamed the activated ability name to "Release Sleep Gas".
    • Slime Glands
      • You can walk now over slime without slipping.
    • Spinnerets
      • Activating Spin Webs no longer takes an action.
      • Made web save difficulty scale at 2X mutation level instead of 1X.
      • Increased arachnid reputation bonus from +200 to +300.
    • Thick Fur
      • Increased heat and cold resist bonus to +5
      • +100 reputation with all of the following: apes, baboons, bears, and grazing hedonists
    • Triple-jointed
      • Reduced cost from 4 MP to 3.
      • Removed the strength penalty.
      • Removed the bonus chance to dodge.
      • Added a 7% + mutationLevel * 3 chance that Agility-based skill powers don't go on cooldown after use
    • Two-headed
      • Increased cost from 2 MP to 3.
      • Improved mental action cost reduction from 16% + mutationLevel * 4 to 15% + mutationLevel * 5.
      • Improved chance to shake off a mental debuff from 5% + mutationLevel to 5% + mutationLevel * 2
    • Wings
      • Wings no longer take up the Worn on Back slot.
      • (cosmetic) Your Worn on Back slot is renamed to Worn around Wings.
      • +10% + (mutationLevel*10) move speed while sprinting.
      • Jump range is increased by (mutationLevel/3) + 1.
      • Charge range is increased by (mutationLevel/3) + 2.
  • We nerfed the carbine and the sparbine.
    • Reduced carbine's accuracy.
    • The masterwork carbine quest reward now uses the same ammo as the standard carbine (lower damage).
  • We made burning damage scale with temperature.
    • 1-100 above flame point: 1 damage per round
    • 101 - 300 above flame point: 1-2 damage per round
    • 301 - 500 above flame point: 2-3 damage per round
    • 501 - 700 above flame point: 3-4 damage per round
    • 701 - 900 above flame point: 4-5 damage per round
    • 901+ above flame point: 5-6 per turn
  • Added a new clock to the main screen in the overlay UI.
  • Added a new item: wrist fan.
  • Added a new item mod: disguise.
  • Dynamic villages can now generate with resident apothecaries.
  • Elder Irudad now has some apothecary wares.
  • Added a nice new overlay UI element for popup messages.
  • The overlay UI now displays your drams of freshwater next to your weight.
  • You can now access the mod manager from the main menu in the classic UI.
  • You can now use Page Up, Page Down, +, and - to navigate the classic options & key mapping menus.
  • You can now use Page Up and Page Down to navigate the tinker menu.
  • The trade UI "don't have enough water containers" message no longer resets the trade window.
  • Sprint now has a single active ability, "Sprint", which can be toggled.
  • Stopsvalinn now has a better chance of spawning with a high-end energy cell, when it spawns with an energy cell.
  • Spiral borers are now able to dig in reloaded zones.
  • The Astral monster mutation can no longer be leveled
  • Nonexistent journal entries can no longer be deleted.
  • Fixed the switched cooking effect behavior on starch and lignin.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong XP value to be displayed in the Sheba Hagadias book turn-in dialog for stacks of books.
  • [debug] The clearstatshifts wish no longer returns spent mutation, skill and attribute points.
  • [modding] Most internal classes are now public.
  • [modding] Colors, anatomies, options, conversations, and pronouns now reload properly when mod configuration changes.
  • [modding] Fixed a bug that caused the detail color of subtypes to be merged onto the tile.


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