Feature Friday - August 14, 2020


  • You can once again acquire fungal infections.
  • On the character screen, attributes that are modified above or below their base values now display as green or red, respectively. You can also now select an attribute on this screen to display its base level, which is used for meeting skill requirements.
  • You can now disassemble without the Tinkering skill as long as you have the Disassemble skill power.
  • Confusion now affects artifact examination.
  • The following objects are now tagged as being made of metal: HE missile, becoming nook, cybernetic rack, leering stalker's pneumatic piston, scrap shoveler's scrap saw, crypt sitter's chrome stilt, strip fly's mechanical pincers, Rodanis Y's tungsten carbide hammer-fist and axe-fist, and boosterbot's helping hand.
  • Tinkered items can no longer generate fitted with suspensors or liquid-cooled.
  • Baetyls can no longer be psychically attacked and are now subject to EMP.
  • Industrial fans now respect phase.
  • Steam no longer burns things to ash.
  • Steam now tracks who is responsible for creating it.
  • The Gas Generation mutations now produce gas in the same phase as the mutant producing it.
  • Quest item torches no longer lose their unique display names.
  • Using psychometry on a stack of items now results in better messaging.
  • Reading passcodes using psychometry is now subject to reality stabilization.
  • Loading a medassist module from the implant's interaction menu no longer loads an entire stack of tonics.
  • The Mutating effect is now considered negative.
  • Greater voider teleportation now respects normality but is powerful enough to contest it.
  • Thrown weapon reequipping now reequips a similar item from your inventory if an identical one is not available.
  • Autoexploring while wearing ninefold boots no longer teleports you between zones.
  • Disassemble all is no longer usable with hostile creatures nearby.
  • When you disessemble multiple items or use disessemble after performing another activity that has an action cost, you're now forced out of the interaction menu as you approach an action cost deficit that would place you in danger if hostile creatures arrived.
  • Mechanimist snailmother converts now spawn ickslugs with the same faction attitudes as their mothers.
  • Made item naming more reliably relevant to events that just occurred.
  • Relics and relic-like items are now consistently unmoddable.
  • Messages are no longer generated when creatures out of your line of sight use Shield Wall.
  • Being asleep now generates a message only if the last message you received was about something other than being asleep.
  • Popups are now used for messaging stat saps' permanent attribute drain.
  • Being blocked by an object no longer displays any weapon performance characteristics it may have.
  • Dominating someone you have performed the water ritual with and then looking at yourself no longer displays "You are water-bonded with you" in your description.
  • Fixed the conjugation of the verb "get" in the companion thirst notification message for companions of pseudo-plural gender.
  • Fixed a bug that disabled autoact rate limiting.
  • Fixed some bugs around tracking body parts added by equipment.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some liquid coverings, particularly acid-based ones, to not generate a clean action.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused fire-based abilities to end early when they encountered mixed liquids.


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