Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday - July 10, 2020 ('beta' branch)

Live and drink, friends. If all goes well, we'll be launching Tomb of the Eaters on the main branch next week!


Tomb-related notes:

  • Added two new cooking ingredients: crushed grave moss and compacted bone meal.
  • The mopango now have a signature dish.
  • You can now water ritual with Agyra.
  • Added cybernetic credit wedges to Omonporch and the Tomb.
  • Altered the behavior on the following item mods: colossal and padded.
  • Changed the names of the following item mods:
    • 'colossal' to 'gigantic'
    • 'hardened' to 'with electromagnetic shielding'
    • 'co-processor' to 'with co-processor'
    • 'normalizing' to 'nulling'
  • Changed the ANSI coloring and descriptions for several mods.
  • Added a distinctive tile to squares that are safe from the Bell of Rest.
  • Added particle text for when you acquire the tomb-tethered effect.
  • You may now find mopango pilgrms in the Stiltgrounds.
  • Gave Tam, Sixshrew, and Ezra a new sign tile.
  • The messaging for what industrial fans are blowing around is now less verbose.
  • Removed sultan sarcophagi and reliquaries from dynamic encounters.
  • Fixed a hagiographic typo.
  • Fixed several bugs around the [redacted] from [redacted].

General notes:

  • Added a new interaction menu command for companions, direct ability use, that allows you to forbid or permit your companions' use of their individual activated abilities.
  • Made high tier item mods more likely to appear on lower tier items.
  • Automove now ignores the hostility of dreadroots, young ivory, and lurking beth.
  • Overdosing on a blaze tonic no longer cools you down, and overdosing on hoarshrooms no longer warms you up.
  • Companions now heal while moving on the worldmap.
  • Chainguns are now heavy weapons.
  • Relics now have extra hit points.
  • The Barathrumites are now more forgiving of friendly fire during A Call to Arms.
  • Item-collecting arconauts and graverobbers no longer collect items when player-led or dominated.
  • The movement penalty from equipping heavy weapons now visibly alters your move speed and the weapon's description, rather than being an invisible modifier to action costs.
  • Pathfinding is now more willing to cross harmless liquids of wading depth (specifically, it'll try to go only one square out of its way to avoid them).
  • Some liquids pools now require you to confirm movement into them.
  • Some liquids now require you to confirm that you wish to drink them.
  • There is now an option that lets you turn off confirmation for both moving into and drinking dangerous liquids.
  • Cultist without bodies are less likely to become cult leaders.
  • Your turrets now allow you to deactivate and reactivate them regardless of your security clearance.
  • Hitting or firing at something with your missile weapon no longer makes it your target if it isn't hostile to you or if you already have a target.
  • Fix-It spray foam can now be applied to nearby objects.
  • Fix-It spray form now restores hit points to inanimate and inorganic objects.
  • Charging Strike now adds 1 to the maximum AV penalty that can be inflicted by Cleave.
  • Campfires, corpses, boulders, and furniture now block doors from closing.
  • Activation and deactivation messages now mention if an item in your possession is what's giving you clearance to perform that action.
  • Lase now gives a failure message when you try to use it and it's exhausted.
  • The priority of the Read action on books now depends on whether you have already read them
  • Conveyor belts can no longer move force fields.
  • Status summary displays appended to the rules text of some items now appear in more places, too. Examples include "EMP", "unpowered", and "warming up".
  • Inventory actions are now (mostly) consistently alphabetized.
  • Displacer bracelets now only produce visual effects on visible creatures.
  • Equipment that uses multiple slots now prefers to use slots that are near each other.
  • Fixed a bug that made hoarshrooms fail to provide cold resistance.
  • Fixed a bug that broke a mechanism for inventory action hotkey resolution. This fixes a number of issues with duplicate inventory action hotkeys.
  • Fixed a bug that made temporal fugue clones leave ammo behind.
  • Fixed a bug that disabled Proselytize's cooldown and sometimes caused the effect to occur multiple times when using it via a Skillsoft implant.
  • Fixed a bug that made the names of some relics bleed pink.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented breathers from breathing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some double-slot equipment to use only one slot.
  • Fixed some minor issues in goatfolk hero generation.
  • Fixed a bug that made Fasting Way and Mind Over Body cause different thirst rate modifiers than what appears in their descriptions.
  • Fixed some issues in the messages generated by drinking mixed liquids.
  • Fixed some bugs with phasing.
  • Fixed some issues with doubled-up input on the stage screen when the prerelease input manager is enabled.
  • Fixed some intermittent thread-safety bugs with text processing.
  • [modding] Normalized the parameter name for number of penetrations to "Penetrations" across several combat messages.

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