Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday - July 3, 2020 ('beta' branch)


Tomb-related notes:

  • Polished and bugfixed [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted].
  • Changed the Bell of Rest timer from 200 to 300 rounds.
  • Gave the Life and Death Gates descriptions and much more HP.
  • Tweaked the crypt reliquary loot tables.
  • Reduced crypt ferret DV.
  • Added more hagiographs.

General notes:

  • Added a new command to attack the nearest hostile target in melee (Shift-A by default). If there are any hostiles adjacent to you, this command attacks the one that appears easiest to kill. Otherwise, it pathfinds one step toward the easiest-appearing visible hostile.
  • Equipped items and items in your inventory no longer take on your temperature directly.
  • Ashes are now categorized as corpses.
  • Factory arms now respect phase and flight.
  • Pulse field magnets ripping equipment off your body is now messaged via a popup.
  • The menu for entering a local map from the worldmap was reworked for clarity.
  • Hitting escape when you're asked for a character name during character creation now returns you to the character summary screen.
  • Added caves music to trembling dunes underground.
  • Fixed a bug that made reloading multiple magazine-loaded firearms behave strangely.
  • Fixed a bug that set Face as goatfolk's primary attack limb.
  • Fixed some cases where you would attempt to enter an occupied tile when entering a local map from the world map.
  • Fixed music not playing properly after loading a game.
  • Fixed an error when generating linear cannon relics.
  • Fixed some (but not all) issues with world seeds.
  • Fixed the background color of the trash sprite.
  • [modding] Die rolls can now be specified as follows: "1d6[foo]", "2d4[bar]", etc, where 'foo' and 'bar' are arbitrary names of randomizer channels. The die roll will source its pseudorandomness from the channel specified; this produces a consistent series of results for a given channel name and world seed.
  • [modding] Conversation choices now support fields IfHavePart and IfNotHavePart that make the choice conditional on whether the specified part is present on the player.
  • [modding] The tag or string property ForceAnimatable now overrides an object animation's current walls-and-tables-only check.
  • [modding] Bodies.xml now supports a BodyType attribute on anatomy elements that allows override of the body part type to use for the central body (normally "Body").
  • [modding] Added an AfterGameLoaded event.
  • [modding] Added default behavior for when a modded quest doesn't specify a hagiograph.

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