Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday - June 26, 2020 ('beta' branch)


Tomb notes:

  • Finished the bugfixing and polish work in the crypts.
  • Added a new liquid: brain brine.
  • [redacted]

General notes:

  • Occasionally, upon gaining a level, completing a quest, performing the water ritual, or defeating a legendary foe, you may now become inspired to name one of your items.
  • The swimming confirmation message is now toggleable via the option in the Prompts menu.
  • Reputation change messages now include your new reputation and inform you if the faction's overall attitude toward you has changed.
  • The reputation changes incurred by violating the water ritual are now displayed in a single message.
  • You can now add notes to items in your inventory and equipment. The notes appear in the item's short description.
  • A given attack can now only have a block attempt performed with one shield. The limit on the number of attacks per turn that can be blocked is now per-shield; if you have multiple shields equipped, you will attempt to block a given attack using the best shield that you can presently use.
  • You can no longer shield block while frozen, paralyzed, burrowed, or otherwise unable to freely move your limbs.
  • Baetyls no longer care about differently-colored display names in the items they request.
  • The fill action on liquid containers can now be used on any container that is not full, not just empty containers.
  • You now prefer to autouse liquids that aren't stored in functional containers like liquid-cooled firearms.
  • Becoming famished now interrupts autoact.
  • Creatures that are fleeing no longer count as visible hostiles.
  • Creatures that try to keep their distance from the player now only count as visible hostiles at close range.
  • Grenades are no longer destroyed before hitting the ground when thrown into a tile with acid gas.
  • Flashbang grenades now affect a circular area instead of a square.
  • Glowmoths can now use their gaze attack at point blank range.
  • Baetyls no longer care about taking small amounts of damage, but they become... significantly irritated... by larger amounts.
  • Only creatures who are able to engage in combat and can move their limbs now count for the purposes of preventing charge and causing missile weapons to fire wildly.
  • Missile weapons that use spray fire ammo (shotguns, pumps, point-defense drones, and flamethrowers) now indicate in their short description that they aren't subject to firing wildly when multiple enemies are adjacent.
  • Bows now display their loaded arrows' penetration and damage value.
  • Made weapon class display, strength cap, and accuracy information the color of rules text.
  • Creatures now go prone if they can when they fall asleep for any reason, not just when they voluntarily go to sleep on a bed.
  • Equipped objects now match the temperature of the object they're equipped on.
  • Made most organic items leave behind ashes when they burn up.
  • Ashes no longer catch fire.
  • Village outskirts now properly have above and belowground features.
  • When you run out of water while traveling, you now receive a message and a chance to stop rather than only getting notified when you become life-threateningly dehydrated.
  • The Bleeding effect is now described differently for creatures that do not have blood.
  • The environmental item picker now refreshes when a taken action changes the list of items displayed, such as when an item is broken off a stack.
  • The visual effects for being frozen, slowed due to temperature, or on fire now have higher visual priority.
  • The Tinkering screen bit locker now displays the glyph for each bit type of bit next to its name.
  • The Spindle negotiation menu now uses alphabetic hotkeys rather than numeric in order to prevent numpad-based selection accidents.
  • Objects that are cloned while phased now properly assume their normal phase.
  • Relics and extradimensional missile weapons now occasionally generate as armor-negating.
  • Graftek-granted stat changes now count as permanent in all the usual ways.
  • Added damage and penetration displays to thrown weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some non-blood-having creatures to bleed blood.
  • Fixed a bug that caused simply targeting a creature to make it hostile.
  • Fixed some bugs that caused several sensory effects to fail to detect walk-walking creatures.
  • Fixed linear cannon penetration display.
  • Fixed some issues that caused you to retain your marked target after using a special shot.
  • Fixed a bug where pouring into a container you are emptying took the current contents of the container into account even though they were being emptied.
  • Fixed a bug that caused missile weapons to display a damage message even when the damage was prevented.
  • Fixed a bug that caused autoexplore to fail to seek out the secret-bearing mural in the village of Ezra.
  • Fixed a bug with phase web animation.
  • Prevented some rare corner cases where objects were destroyed multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 'show effects' menu to improperly linger beneath other windows when opened and closed.
  • [modding] Effects may now whitelist themselves for most deep copy operations by overriding allowCopyOnNoEffectDeepCopy and returning true.

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