Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday - June 19, 2020 ('beta' branch)


Tomb-related notes:

  • Did some bugfixing, polish, and performance work on the crypt levels of the Tomb of the Eaters. More to come next week.

General notes:

  • Added some new recoilers.
  • Added a new command to autoattack your current target in melee: Ctrl-A by default. When autoattacking, you pathfind toward your target if necessary and attempt to melee attack them. All the conditions that interrupt automove also interrupt autoattack, with one exception: if your target is the only hostile in sight, their presence does not interrupt you.
  • Added a new "Ignored Keys" keybind. Keys bound to this entry are completely ignored. (This is useful for reserving a push-to-talk or screenshot key, for example.)
  • Renamed human child to woodsprog.
  • Linear cannons can be tinkered now.
  • You can now path through locked doors when you're carrying the appropriate key card.
  • You now get a message when you try to swap places with a non-hostile creature but can't for some reason.
  • Losing sight of your target now interrupts automove.
  • NPCs are now less avoidant of slime pools.
  • Changed the way heirlooms gifted during the Spindle negotiation are generated and made their types respect the text in Heirlooms of Qud.
  • Elevator and door switches can now be flipped via the interaction menu
  • [*]Space-time vortices and rifts are no longer be pushed by forces like explosions.
  • The AV bestowed by the Quills mutation now returns to the max value when your quills regenerate.
  • You can now properly access help from the main menu with '?'.
  • Visiting the waterlogged tunnel no longer counts as visiting Red Rock.
  • If you are stuck and adjacent to a deep pool, you only receive the swimming confirmation message the first time you try to move into the pool.
  • Fixed a bad interaction when the snapjaw who wields Stopsvalinn generates as a villager.
  • Numpad '/' now shows and hides the prerelease stage message log.
  • Tables no longer change their tile when you remove and return the same object.
  • Removed the small per turn time delay while asleep.
  • Fixed several issues that caused gas-generating creatures to not be immune to their own gas.
  • Fixed some rare situations where the player didn't get a turn immediately following a game load.
  • Fixed a bug that caused illuminated books to not have their display names altered.
  • Fixed a bug in the way graffiti displayed on tombstones.
  • Fixed a bug that caused reloading a linear cannon to always reload the energy cell instead of its slugs.
  • Fixed a rare exception in the Multihorns mutation that prevented saved games from loading.
  • Fixed a typo in soul curd's description.
  • [modding] Enabled anonymous access to workshop content.
  • [modding] The starting location selector is no longer shown if a genotype or subtype has a defined starting location.

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