Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday - June 13, 2020 ('beta' branch)


Tomb-related notes

  • We made several gameplay and polish enhancements to the cherubim.
    • Cherubim are now better protected against missile weapons and freezing attacks.
    • Revamped cherubim stats and natural weapons.
    • Learned cherubim now properly discharge clockwork beetles.
    • Added descriptions.
    • Added cherubim to dynamic encounters.
    • Gave cherubim appropriate ASCII glyphs.
  • Gave appropriate names and descriptions to carved stone and gilded marble from the various periods of the sultanate.
  • Added descriptions for mural endcaps and mural medians.

General notes:

  • We made some changes to sparking baetyl rewards.
    • Item rewards are now much better.
    • Item rewards now scale with both the baetyl's zone difficulty and the tier of the demanded item.
    • Reduced the maximum number of demanded items to six.
  • Baetyls asking for Templar phylacteries no longer ask for the phylacteries of specific people.
  • Trees are now stronger and tougher.
  • Attacking into a frozen zone now thaws it. This is most relevant when attacking up or down stairs.
  • Removing energy cells from owned items now angers their owners.
  • You can now pour into equipped liquid containers.
  • When selecting a container to pour a liquid into, containers that already contain that liquid now appear at the top of the list.
  • Smart use on environmental liquid pools and liquid containers now opens the interaction menu rather than going directly into the pour-into-container action.
  • Cleaning yourself using liquid from an owned vessel now potentially angers its owners.
  • Gave the following objects better ASCII glyphs: sultan shrines, Asphodel, Asphodelytes, walkways, various vessels, and yawning gap.
  • Made some improvements to creature pathfinding.
  • Rebekah's tombstone no longer shows up in dynamic contexts.
  • Fix-It spray foam and other applicators, when unidentified, no longer reveal themselves when you back out of an interaction.
  • The water ritual can no longer be used to obtain unlimited cybernetics credit wedges.
  • Shank now respects phase and flight.
  • Sheba Hagadias will no longer lay mines if a miner or deploy turrets if a turret tinker.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some village tinkers to not be members of their village's faction.
  • Fixed a bug that caused companions to take steps in the wrong order when trying to follow their leader.
  • Fixed a bug that caused one-shotting a creature to fail to trigger hostility in the creature's nearby allies.
  • Fixed a bug that caused camel bladders to fail to negate the weight of the liquid in them when worn.
  • Fixed some bugs in water ritual option coloring.
  • Fixed a bug in tiling of liquid pools as they change size.
  • Fixed a bug that made snapjaw forts, starapple farms, and pig farms not generate properly in village outskirts.

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