Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday - June 6, 2020 (beta branch)


  • Autoexplore now seeks out and examines objects that contained unrevealed secrets in their descriptions.
  • Giant beetle and beetlebum corpses can now be butchered for raw beetle meat, which can be preserved as beetle jerky.
  • Items no longer weigh more when covered in liquid.
  • Waterskins, canteens, and similar liquid containers are now repellent to certain types of liquids.
  • Quests no longer ask you to find forgotten ruins or use forgotten ruins as landmarks.
  • Displacer bracelets now have power switches.
  • Waiting for a specified number of turns now shows a countdown next to the loading status indicator.
  • Boxes of crayons now let you choose which color to draw with and draw in tiles you're adjacent to. Also, drawing now has an action cost.
  • Graffitied text now appears in the color of the graffiti on the object glyph.
  • Bloated pearlfrogs no longer ignore phase when pulling creatures with their tongues.
  • Being frozen now interrupts sprinting and other movement or body-positioning effects.
  • The harvest action now has a higher default priority than the chat action when both are present.
  • Snail eggs and luminous motes are no longer used as quest items.
  • Albino ape pelts can no longer be eaten. As a result, you now control their autopickup status via the autopickup trade goods toggle instead of the autopickup food toggle.
  • In the trade screen, you can now use the keyboard (not numpad) number keys to specify a number of whatever is currently selected to trade.
  • PgUp and PgDn can now be used on the Reputation and Skills screens.
  • The Skills screen now reserves a consistent amount of screen space for skill descriptions rather than adjusting the space depending on the description length. Some descriptions have been edited to accommodate this.
  • You'll no longer encounter creatures standing in the same tile as a closed door.
  • The walk command no longer generates an error if used in on the edge of a zone.
  • Mutations picked at character creation now properly update their stat shifts when leveled.
  • Doors can no longer be closed on creatures or movement-blocking objects that occupy the same tile.
  • Village catchbasins are now owned by the village faction.
  • Made some large performance improvements to the prerelease stage view.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some activated abilities to remain on the ability menu after those abilities were lost.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the loss of some equipment benefits when using Temporal Fugue.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed holographic plants to be harvested.
  • Fixed a bug that indicated incorrect directions toward a detected hostile when automove was interrupted and that hostile was in an another zone.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the genome destabilization message from the Mutating effect to be displayed for you even when you weren't the one mutating.
  • Fixed a bug that broke a previous intervention to make wraith-knights summoned by extradimensional phylactery squires friendly to their squires.
  • Fixed a bug that caused weeped liquid and primordial ooze to fail to mix in the Rainbow Wood.
  • Fixed a bug that made the hidden PhasedWhileStuck effect visible.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain pronouns to morph into "They" after games had been saved and reloaded.
  • Fixed the subtype text being too large during character creation.
  • Fixed a typo in items that affect move speed.
  • [modding] You can now undo the "fill" action in the map editor.
  • [patreon] Sheba Hagadias can no longer spawn as Either/Or. To install this change, you'll need to re-redeem Either/Or's pet code.

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