Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday - May 29, 2020 (beta branch)


General notes:

  • Added a water wheel and millstone to Joppa.
  • Bone worm corpses can no longer be included as part of the cure for fungal infections.
  • Pathfinding now strongly avoids tiles next to non-allied puffer fungi.
  • Moving within two squares of puffer fungi now interrupts automove regardless of your "ignore enemies" settings.
  • Eaters' nectar now re-randomizes your potential mutation buys.
  • Meditation no longer instantly cures bleeding. Instead, it now triples the rate of recovery from more negative status effects, including bleeding. 
  • To account for the recent liquid pool changes, bilge sphincters now provide a movespeed bonus in liquid pools of 200+ drams instead of 1000+.
  • The weights of takeable items are now always shown in their short descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused evaporating liquids to leave behind liquid volumes with no component liquids.
  • Fixed a bug that caused resource exhaustion and error spam in the output log in some long-running games.
  • Fixed some bugs that caused the decarbonizer beam selection to sometimes error out or create an infinite loop.
  • Fixed a bug with Temporal Fugue and other cloning mechanisms that caused stat shifts to become permanent.
  • [debug] Added a wish, "clearstatshifts", to remove temporary stat shifts, even including shifts from items you have equipped or active status effects. To regain those stat shifts, you'll have to re-equip those items or re-up the effects.
  • [modding] We changed the implementation for how MinEvents are dispatched. Modders who are handling a MinEvent in one of their IParts (e.g. bool HandleEvent( EnteringCellEvent ev ) need to update each HandleEvent declaration to include 'public override' (e.g. public override bool HandleEvent( EnteringCellEvent ev )) in order for that event to be dispatched properly to the part.

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Version May 30, 2020

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