Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday ('beta' branch) - May 8, 2020


Tomb-related notes:

  • Expanded the Grand Vestibule to multiple maps.
  • Changed the Omonporch entry zone to a new map: Court of the Sultans.
  • Made various tweaks and enhancements to the Arcade to the Twin Gates.
  • Made various tweaks and enhancements to the Columbarium.
  • Made the Ezra and Arcade murals more authentic.
  • Added a bell tolling sound effect to the Bell of Rest.
  • Made Sixshrew a real merchant.
  • Gave dialog to Yla Haj and Warden 1-FF.
  • Tweaked Mayor Haddas's dialog.
  • Gave better equipment and wares to Yla Haj.
  • Gave several of the Tomb zones better names.
  • Gave sky maps more sensible names.
  • Added a cistern ruin to the east of the Arcade.
  • Added more graffiti to the robbers' cut.
  • Made some architectural changes to the Tomb outer walls and the Spindle chamber.
  • Added a new tile for rubble.
  • Added some more Eater statue and hologram tiles.

General notes:

  • Faction leaders now have their prowess more accurately judged and displayed in their look descriptions.
  • Autowalk, autoexplore, and rest are now interrupted when your companions engage in combat, take damage, or die, as long as they're visible or audible.
  • We changed the option "Maximum autoexplore squares/sec" to "Maximum automove squares/sec" and made it apply to all forms of automove.
  • Metal items now retain less liquid, and fur items retain more.
  • Quartzfur hats now message themselves as being made of quartz rather than glass.
  • Autocollect can now be disabled on empty waterskins.
  • Spiders no longer attack allied creatures that are stuck.
  • Player-controlled spiders no longer autoattack stuck creatures.
  • Destroying or teleporting a web now frees anything stuck in it.
  • When an object is phased multiple times, damage from being forced into phase by reality stabilization now occurs only when the last effect is terminated.
  • Changed the message when you try to remove an unremovable cybernetic implant.
  • Items that affect the chance of salvaging multiple bits, like advanced toolkits, are no longer used on items that can only ever disassemble into one bit.
  • The random-buy mutation choices should now be more stable for a given seed.
  • If you're out of 2+ point mutations to buy, you're now presented with 1-point mutations.
  • The look and target picker "Locked" status toggle is now remembered across games and reloads.
  • In the classic UI, the cooking menu now reutrns to the selected option instead of the top of the list when you choose a recipe to cook then decide go Back.
  • Dromad trader psychic thralls or domesticated slaves no longer generate map notes.
  • Geomagnetic discs can no longer spawn with elemental damage mods.
  • Made some improvements to geomagnetic disc pathing.
  • Fixed an improper item ownership warning when you tried to examine or disassemble items in the inventories of certain creatures you were dominating.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Flurry to not work on inanimate objects, which in turn caused NPCs with flurry to stand there inert instead of attacking inanimate objects they were angry at.
  • Fixed some bugs with color rendering and formatting in books.
  • Fixed a bug with liquid-fueled power consumption, such as in gyrocopter backpacks.
  • Fixed some performance issues with normality gas and norm cores.
  • [debug] Made wish string matching more accurate.
  • [debug] The "Do you really want to die?" promp no longer accepts space or enter as input.
  • [modding] The map editor now supports Ctrl-C to copy a selected region, which turns your brush into a rectangle the size of that region. Ctrl-click pastes the copied region, and right-click deletes the region bounded by the selected rectangle.
  • [modding] The map editor now properly renders most walls, water tiles, and fences.
  • [modding] The map editor now has tile previews in the blueprint selector.

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