Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday - April 24, 2020 (beta branch)

Tomb-related notes:

  • We added more polish to the crematory.
    • Redesigned the columbarium.
    • Added ASCII art to the look screen for urns.
    • Urn dusters now walk around dusting urns in the columbarium.
    • Fixed some bugs with the interaction of various crematory objects.
    • Added a visual effect for when objects are pushed by industrial fans.
    • Added descriptions for the following objects: conveyor drive unit, conveyor belt, rubber curtains, bones, ashes, industrial fan, miasmatic ash, machine wall, metal door, plastic tree, statue of Eater, full-spectrum bright sconce, elevator shaft, empty urn, marble walkway, sunflower, and scrapable deposit box.
    • Edited the ASCII glyphs for the entire crematory.
    • [Redacted]

    General notes:

  • You can now use water to clean your stained equipment via inventory actions on either your water containers or your stained equipment.
  • You can now use the Walk keybind from the Look menu to autowalk to the tile you're looking at.
  • Offhand attacks work again.
  • Changed the glyph and tile colors of non-mayor quest givers in villages from dark green to bright yellow. Accordingly, we also changed Mehmet's color to bright yellow.
  • Girshlings you encounter outside of Red Rock no longer advance 'What's Eating the Watervine?'.
  • The water ritual now consumes a dram of liquid only when you initiate it instead of consuming one for every action you take during it.
  • Force fields you can pass through no longer interrupt automove regardless of their source.
  • Psychic hunters are no longer incorrectly interdicted on maps without reality stabilization.
  • Cybernetic implants that occupy an equipment slot are no longer shown twice in the implantee's description.
  • Temporary items can no longer be used as tinkering components.
  • Improved the grammar in "you pass by" messages.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rebuke Robot to fail way more often than it should.
  • Fixed a bug that caused take-all to not work in the classic UI looting menu when the cursor was on a category rather than an item.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 'Tweet this character build' button to not work.
  • [debug]Added a new wish, "factionencounter:<faction>", that generates a special faction encounter in your current zone. For example, wishing for "factionencounter:Templar" generates a Templar faction encounter. You can override the tier and level values for the zone, both of which affect the creatures generated for the faction encounter, like so: "factionencounter:<faction>:<tier>" and "factionencounter:<faction>:<tier>:<level>".
  • [modding] The ConversationScript part now supports a Color field that's used to specify a color or shader to be applied to the creature's conversation text.
  • [modding] Self-closing <mutation /> tags in the XML no longer skip the next mutation when they're loaded.
  • [modding] The new blueprints loader no longer crashes when given an <intproperty> with no Value (it assumes 0 instead).
  • [modding] Added Transform > Flip Vertical to the map editor.
  • [*][modding] Added File > Reload Blueprints to the map editor. This lets you reload ObjectBlueprints.xml without quitting and reopening the editor.

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