Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday - April 17th, 2020 (beta branch)


Note: this update will break save compatibility. If you'd like to continue a save from a previous patch, you can switch back to that patch's branch. From Steam, right-click Caves of Qud > Properties > Betas > choose a branch. Last week's branch is 200.21.

Tomb-related notes

  • Added a new gas: miasmatic ash.
  • Grave moss now burns off into miasmatic ash.
  • We made changes and added some polish to the crematory.
    • Added industrial fans.
    • Funerary urns now have names and inscriptions.
    • Machine presses with only one piston now slam their target away instead of crushing it.
    • The support pillars in the catacombs now come up through the crematory.
    • Tweaked the layout of the conveyor belts and flame vents to be slightly more ordered.
    • Added new wall tiles and changed the colors of some existing tiles.
    • Replaced the existing machine room with a new one.
    • Fixed a bug with the ASCII rendering of machine press.

General notes

  • Fixed a bunch of text coloring bugs introduced last patch. There'll likely be some more, though.
  • We made some tweaks to liquid and liquid pool behavior.
    • We renormalized the volumes of all the puddles, pools, and rivers in the game. Swim-depth pools (over 2000 drams) are now much more rare.
    • Added a new status effect: wading. You now wade through pools of size 200-2000 drams. Wading gives -20 movespeed and interferes with some forms of movement, including sprinting.
    • Entering a swim-depth pool from land now displays a warning message and requires you to confirm movement.
    • Swim-depth pools now interrupt autowalk unless you are already swimming, flying, or out of phase with the pool.
    • Some common liquid covering descriptions are now less verbose.
    • Salt now only stains items when encountered in its pure form.
    • Made the container preference for liquid collection more consistent. The order is: containers designated for autocollection of the liquid, then devices that use the liquid, then containers that already contain pure liquid of that type, then empty containers.
    • You can now collect liquids into slotted liquid-fueled energy cells.
    • Collecting a liquid now reports on which containers the liquid was collected into.
  • Small spheres of negative weight now add to your weight when they're broken or otherwise inoperative.
  • Psionic weapons with slotted cells now leave the cells behind when they evanesce.
  • Psionic weapons can no longer be modded with tinkering.
  • The [redacted] in Joppa now shows up in the alt display.
  • Wraith-knights now despawn if their phylacteries are destroyed for any reason.
  • Temporary items are now worthless, can no longer be cooked with, and can no longer have their bits harvested.
  • Temporal fugue clones now leave behind any items they had acquired after being conjured.
  • Eater's nectar injectors belonging to temporal fugue clones now affect only temporal fugue clones.
  • We made some tweaks to the looting menu in the classic UI.
    • The weights of takeable items are now displayed alongside the items themselves.
    • The menu now has an adaptive width to avoid cutting off item names.
    • Page up and page down now work more reliably.
  • Encountering the following objects now interrupts autowalk: deep shafts, identified mines, aloes, spacetime rifts, and spacetime vortices.
  • Artifacts with proper names are no longer treated as having proper names while unidentified.
  • On the classic trade screen, we switched 'interact with the selected item' from the Tab key to the Space key. Tab now selects and deselects all items on the active column of the trade screen, as an analog to its take-all function in looting menus. 
  • Ice frogs no longer sit in immobile confusion until approached.
  • Miner bots no longer generate mines based on modded grenades.
  • NPCs are now less interested in using random items from their inventories as improvised weapons.
  • Animating an object with Spray-a-Brain no longer causes every object of that type to be recategorized as a Creature. 
  • Items generated as quest items no longer cause every item of that type to be recategorized as a Quest Item.
  • Answering no to using an unpowered advanced toolkit while autoexploring now interrupts the autoexplore, preventing message loops.
  • Fixed some issues with Page Up and Page Down failing to scroll correctly on the classic inventory screen with very large inventories.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 'most recently played character' to net initialize properly.
  • [debug] Added a new wish, "reveal settlements", that reveals all dynamically generated settlements on the world map.
  • [modding] Fixed a bug that caused modded versions of Options.xml to fail to be initialized.
  • [modding] Implemented Myopia as an AdjustVisibilityRadiusEvent, allowing equipment and parts to adjust the visibility radius.
  • [modding] Restructured the loading of ObjectBlueprints.xml, solving many inheritance problems, most notably with Load="Merge" from mods.
  • [modding] Deprecated the GameManager.Instance.ViewData interface.
  • [modding] UI Views are now defined with the [XRL.UI.UIView] attribute on a class.
  • [modding] Increased the warning level output for the mod compiler, allowing modders to see previously hidden compiler warnings.
  • [modding] Updated the Modding Utilities link to the modding wiki:
  • [modding] The Blueprint Browser now shows all properties on blueprints, in XML.
  • [modding] You can now select and copy in the Blueprint Browser.
  • [modding] Exposed a method to add a Wish handler. See
  • [modding] We made some enhancements to the map editor.
    • The map editor now loads with an empty map rather than looking like you're editing the main menu.
    • Added x-y coordinates for the mouse position and selected cell.
    • Holding Ctrl while hovering over an item in the blueprints list now displays a portion of the blueprint XML.
    • Added a checkbox on the blueprint filter to only show blueprints in use on the map.
    • Made the sidebar opaque.
    • Alt-clicking on a tile now properly set the brush even when you have no brush selected.

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