Tombb of the Eaters Feature Friday - April 3rd, 2020


Tomb-related notes

  • We added some polish to the [redacted] sequence that starts in Resheph's burial chamber.
    • Added some sound and visual effects.
    • Smoothed out some issues with engraving tomb murals.
    • Added ASCII versions of the tomb murals and other objects in the burial chamber.
    • Refreshed Herododicus's dialog.
    • Added descriptions for Herododicus, imperial sarcophagus, imperial reliquary, gilded marble from the sultanate of Resheph, mural median, and mural endcaps.
    • [very redacted]

    General notes

  • We made some changes to liquid and liquid pool behavior.
    • Objects now become coated in liquid more easily, and they also lose their liquid coatings more easily.
    • Liquid coating now bestows additional weight onto items.
    • Some liquids now weigh more than others.
    • Creatures moving through big pools of liquid now track the liquid around.
    • Footwear now protects you from being affected by small pools of liquid.
    • Swimming is now a status effect that penalizes movespeed and prevents creatures from taking move-related actions that require footing.
    • Pools smaller than the swimming threshold (1,000 drams) now use a different tile set.
    • Small puddles now evaporate over time.
    • Aquatic creatures now receive a -25 penalty to movespeed instead of the full -50. (The Swimming skill's +25 bonus offsets this penalty.)
    • Pathfinding now puts more weight toward pathing around large pools of liquids, even less deadly ones.
  • More autoexplore activities now respect the autoexplore options for ignoring easy and distant enemies.
  • Electromagnetic sensors and the following mutations now interrupt autoexplore and automove when you identify a hostile creature: Heightened Hearing, Heightened Smell, and Sense Psychic.
  • Autowalking on the worldmap now avoids the Rainbow Wood.
  • Autoexplore now passes through tiles that contain animated walls if those walls are in your party.
  • We changed the way acid damage is calculated. Exposure to either dilute acid or small acid pools now deals less damage.
  • Metal items now take quarter damage from acid.
  • Salty water now generates half as much steam when vaporized. Brackish water generates 90% as much.
  • Lacquered items now note in their descriptions that they repel liquids (this is behavior they always had).
  • Steam now only damages organic objects.
  • You can now retrieve items from owned containers that you put in them without triggering hostility.
  • The take-all command now skips the weight limit warning if you're already over your weight limit.
  • Lay Mine and Set Bomb now allow you to press escape from the explosive selection menu to abort the command.
  • Stairs, pits, and similar objects that represent open space can no longer be sucked into space-time vortices.
  • When you're selecting an item to equip from the equipment menu, items listed within a given category are now sorted in descending order by a rough utility evaluation. This sort method was there previously, but code was since introduced that disrupted it.
  • Colored text now displays more reliably across multiple lines in the text UI sidebar.
  • Added a black outline to the overlay XP and HP readout numbers.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the penalties from the Engulfed status effect from being removed when the effect wore off.
  • [modding] We added a markup layer to our text coloring system. Example: {{red|this text will be red}}. This lets us treat color specification as a stack, so that text's color can be reset to the previously specified color at the end of a block. (Previously, we would try to emulate this behavior by resetting color to default grey [&y], but grey wasn't always the last specified color.) The markup layer also supports shaders that apply color patterns to text blocks. Color names and shaders are defined in a new moddable file, Colors.xml.
  • [modding] Added a "beguile" wish that forces the target into your party.
  • [modding] Med names may now be extended by applying the [MedNamesExtension] attribute and implementing the IMedNamesExtension { int Priority(); void OnInitializeMedNames( List<string> medNames ); } interface.
  • [*][modding] Fixed a bug that caused the JoppaWorldBuilderExtension and WorldBuilderExtension attributes to be ignored.

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