Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday - March 6th, 2020 (beta branch)

200.20: We've posted an update on the beta branch.

A note on updates: our cadence has slowed a bit while our small team deals with some impactful life events. We'll be ramping back up soon. Live and drink, friends.

  • Added a new cybernetic implant: medassist module.
  • Added a new item: syphon baton.
  • The co-processor mod now provides compute power that select equipment can consume.
  • Added new descriptions for the following creatures, items, and objects: graverobber, exit teleporter, ornately carved marble, rotating machine arm, locking machine arm, strip fly, urn porter, urn, sarcophagus, machine press, reliquary, sultan reliquary, ornate chair, ornate bench, ornate table, plant in ornate pot, grave goods, Eater hologram, crypt sitter, and ghost perch.
  • Added a new tile for the sign to village Ezra.
  • Added flipped tiles for Eater holograms.
  • Added some new tomb propaganda.
  • Fungal infections and motorized treads are now immune to damage.
  • More NPC tinkers can now repair, recharge, and identify artifacts.
  • Piston presses now respect phase.
  • Lunge now respects phase and flight.
  • Juke now interacts better with effects that restrict your mobility.
  • Removed the old tattoo gun.
  • Cybernetics credit wedges are now stackable.
  • Wraith-knights can no longer be duplicated or cloned.
  • Robotic and otherwise inorganic creatures are no longer made thirsty by thirst thistle attacks.
  • Disassemble now requests confirmation before disassembling quest items and items you have equipped.
  • Disassemble now provides a "disassemble all" inventory action that disassembles a stack of items at once.
  • Disassemble now has an action cost.
  • Temporal fugue clones and various other forms of cloning no longer count toward the death and destruction toll of A Call to Arms.
  • Sturdy spectacles and mirrorshades no longer incorrectly report that they have broken in melee.
  • Having thirst inflicted on you by an attack no longer triggers tongue bleeding from glotrot.
  • The Amphibious trait no longer reduces thirst that's inflicted by attacks, and amphibious characters get the same log messages as do non-amphibious characters when an attack inflicts thirst.
  • A message now periodically appears in the message log when your companions are dehydrated. If they are visible when they become dehydrated, you get a popup.
  • Fixed some issues with companions re-joining the player after traveling on the worldmap.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an item type's repair cost to permanently depend on whether the first item of that type you repaired was rusted.
  • Fixed some bugs that caused modifiers to secondary statistics like AV, DV, and movespeed to be double-applied when they came from mutations and cybernetic implants selected during character creation.
  • [modding] The ability of NPCs to repair, recharge, and identify artifacts in the trade screen is no longer controlled by the CanRepair, CanRecharge, and CanIdentify properties. Instead, it's determined by the relevant tinkering skills. (Repair enables the repair action, Tinker I enables recharge, and Gadget Inspector enables identify, with Tinker II, Tinker III, Intelligence modifier, and any relevant equipment contributing to identification performance.)

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