Tomb of the Eaters Feature Friday - January 31, 2020 (beta build)


We've posted an update to the Tomb of the Eaters beta on the beta branch.

Tomb-related notes

  • We made some structural changes to the layout of the Tomb.
    • We shifted the whole dungeon up several Z levels. The crematory is now one level above the surface.
    • Removed the Lake of the Damned.
  • We included some more signposts toward finding the Mark of Death and entering the Tomb through the Death Gate.
    • Implemented a partial redesign of the Arcades to the Twin Gates that includes a path and sign pointing to Ezra.
    • Immediately upon finding the Mark of Death, you now learn the Mark of Death secret, and the 'Recover the Mark of Death' quest step now completes.
    • Immediately upon inscribing the Mark of Death, the 'Inscribe the Mark" quest step now completes.
  • It should now be clearer that a certain post-Brightsheol body alteration is intentional.
  • Once you return from Brightsheol, you cannot go back via the same method. (<- worded intentionally vaguely to avoid spoilers)
  • Added two new cybernetic implants: fire suppression system and anchor spikes.
  • Added a new item: advanced toolkit.
  • Crypt ferrets are now better at hiding.
  • Made Vivira, the sentient turret, magenta in order to stand out more.
  • Added descriptions for the following objects: fulcrete, ebon fulcrete, wide bottle, crypt door, compacted bone, and grave moss.
  • Added some more tomb propaganda.
  • Renamed recarcassing nook to recoming nook.

General notes

  • We made some changes to auto-equip.
    • Auto-equip now gives you feedback on items that were unequipped as a result of your action.
    • Eliminated most repetitive auto-equip messaging.
    • Auto-equip now tries to unequip multiple items in order to equip an item that uses multiple equipment slots.
    • Confirmation is now requested before automatically unequipping an item that will be destroyed by being unequipped.
  • We tweaked the temperature-related behavior of liquids.
    • You may find differences in how pouring liquids on you affects temperature.
    • Standing in a pool of lava is no longer safe once you've dealt with the initial temperature shock.
    • Your equipment and inventory now experience more temperature effects than before, particularly if you expose yourself to large amounts of lava.
  • Fungal infections are now immune to heat, cold, electricity, and acid.
  • Projectiles coming from a distance and passing near the player now produce a message in the message log.
  • More combat sound effects are now properly controlled by the General > Combat Sounds option.
  • Any NPC with whom you can perform the water ritual can now give you directions.
  • The following actions performed while autoexploring now also operate on adjacent tiles: autoget, harvesting, butchering, trash rifling, opening a chest, and interacting with a bookshelf.
  • Puffer fungi can now be hit by normal ranged weapons.
  • Lava and acid now spawn less often in containers that are unsafe to house them.
  • Companions now attempt to generally follow you even if they can't pathfind all the way to you (for example, because you have Force Bubble active).
  • Mirrorshades now give a very small chance to reflect light-based attacks.
  • Objects embedded in walls can no longer be taken or interacted with via the interact nearby command (unless you are also in the same tile as the wall).
  • Items embedded in walls are now partially visible with penetrating radar.
  • The overlay inventory screen now better handles having two heads or two faces.
  • Multiple applications of Hobble now renew the duration of the effect rather than stacking the movespeed penalty.
  • Carbide hand bones no longer modify hands added by Helping Hands, and they only affect the set of hands where the implant was implanted (in the event a True Kin has somehow acquired multiple sets of hands).
  • Trader repair and recharge actions now more effectively handle plurality and stacking.
  • Tattooing a companion no longer tattoos you instead of them.
  • Smart use no longer pets Sheba Hagadias by default if Sheba is pettable.
  • You can no longer open and close doors while frozen solid.
  • Magazine-loaded ranged weapons now account for the weight and value of the ammo loaded in them.
  • Solar and radio-powered cells now receive their charge more reliably on the world map and should cause less lag.
  • Take-all no longer counts untakeable items when checking whether you're going over your weight limit.
  • Added a new tile for the basic toolkit.
  • Fixed some item duping exploits with evil twins and prism clones.
  • Temporal fugue clones no longer lose their items before they expire.
  • Fixed an issue with legendary breathers' and miners' names not showing up properly.
  • Fixed a bug that made Berate 10x as likely to take effect if you had an Ego modifier of exactly zero.
  • Fixed some bugs with explosions, other types of forced movement, and the generation of maps with ruined buildings.
  • Fixed a bug that made DV and MA penalties from confusion become permanent if the game was saved and loaded.
  • Fixed an issue with portable walls.
  • Fixed an issue with nano-neuro animators.
  • Fixed a typo in village monument descriptions.
  • [modding] In character generation, whether a genotype is considered a mutant is now controlled explicitly by the new attribute IsMutant="true" in the genotype entry rather than by whether its name contains the substring "True". Mods affecting genotypes may need to add this attribute.

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