Tomb of the Eaters Beta #1

Welcome to the first Tomb of the Eaters beta! This is an unpolished and incomplete build of the Tomb of the Eaters feature arc. The beta takes you through the first half of the Tomb of the Eaters dungeon; we'll be making the rest of the dungeon available in the coming weeks. The full feature arc should be ready in early January.

If you're interested, come help us test! Our focus right now is on broad scale testing: big bugs, big balance issues, and big UX challenges. See this thread for details.

To access the beta: download the latest 'beta' branch build.

We'll post the comprehensive patch notes with the full feature arc. For now, here's a summary.

  • Added the Tomb of the Eaters complex surrounding the Spindle at Omonporch.
  • Added the village of Ezra.
  • Added a new leg of the main quest: The Tomb of the Eaters.
  • Added a whole slew of combat animations and sounds. These can be disabled in the General options menu.
  • Added several new items.
  • Added several new item mods.
  • Added several new cybernetic implants.
  • Added three new factions: mopango, the villagers of Ezra, and the Daughters of Exile.
  • Added several new NPCs.
  • Added a new music track.
  • [modding] Made several improvements to the map editor.
  • [modding] Added support for the ZoneFactory property on a world node, which contains the name of a class deriving from IZoneFactory in the XRL.World.ZoneFactories namespace.
  • [modding] Added support for the ZoneFactoryRegex property on a world node, which optionally contains a regex that describes all worlds for which this world's zone factory should handle fabrication. Used when one world node handles several worlds.
  • [modding] Added WorldFactory::addAdditionalWorld, which allows the addition of new worlds at runtime.

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