Feature Friday - November 9, 2019


  • Added more grass variety.
  • Sealed liquid containers are no longer used as random cooking ingredients.
  • Liquids poured on the world map tiles are now lost.
  • Nests and nest-like beings can no longer be villagers.
  • You now stop automoving when you revert a vision induced by sphynx salt or Precognition.
  • Injecting multiple sphynx salt injectors now extends your vision duration rather than creating overlapping saves.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sphynx salt injectors not to be consumed if you reverted at the end of your vision.
  • Fixed a bug that caused your electrical charge to deplete when your clones discharged their Electrical Generation charge.
  • Fixed a bug that unintentionally prevented you from escaping out of several menus without making a selection.
  • Made Slam and Shank select the weapon they use more sensibly, and made Slam stop using armor.
  • [modding] PlayWorldSound now works on objects that are equipped or inside containers.


cavesofqud-windows-default.zip 342 MB
Version Nov 09, 2019
cavesofqud-osx-default.zip 337 MB
Version Nov 09, 2019
cavesofqud-linux-default.zip 353 MB
Version Nov 09, 2019

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